Arielle chocked on air.


Selene chuckled at Arielle's startled tone. "Yes. I'm one of the most important members of the Kingdom under my Queen."

"Aren't you something," Arielle sassed.

Selene didn't respond to her teasing. Instead she just pulled up her left sleeve to reveal a tattoo. There on her forearm was a large black X with four moons in each crevice.

"This is the Assassin's symbol. In the Knights of Nosferatu there are three ranks. The Defense. The Elite. And the Assassin. The Denfense defends the Kingdom if it were ever to be attacked. Plus, with being the lowest rank, they only have one moon on the top of the X."

Arielle leaned forward, more intrigued now than she's ever been. Selene explained next that the Elite's job was guarding the Queen and keeping order inside the Kingdom. Their tattoos had three moons. One on the top and two on either sides of the X. Selene, being the Assassin, was the highest ranking and went on personal missions for the Queen. Mostly taking out rouges and bringing back humans (aka Arielle) who have discovered the vampire race. Her tattoo had four moons.

Arielle asked about the Council as well.

"There is a Vampire Council for each Kingdom. The Council contains several members. The Queen, the Assassin, and six other prominent members of the Kingdom. We deicide what place a human has in the Kingdom and also how to deal with threats inside and against the Kingdom."

"Oh great! I won't be a blood bag will I?" Arielle moaned.

Selene grinned at her. "I'll make sure you're not."

Arielle smiled shyly at Selene. Her heart started doing this jack hammer beating thing that she seriously thought she could possibly be having a heart attack.

"Why?" Arielle wondered.

Arielle may or may not have been hoping that the vampire would say that Arielle had grown on her.

"Because you have the ability to resist mind control. Never in history has there been a human known to do that."

Arielle pouted and flopped back in the booth. That was the opposite of what she wanted to hear. (Not that she was in love with the vampire but she knew a crush when she had one).

"How long have you been an assassin?"

"I've severed 6 Queens since I've been turned."

Arielle didn't say anything, she just let out a high pitched squeak. She didn't known she could make such a noise. Honestly, Arielle didn't know what she was expecting. It made sense that Selene was older but 600 years old? Jeez, Arielle couldn't imagine living to 80 let alone living for 6 centuries. Selene smirked amusingly at her response.

"So you must have been with a ton of people?" Arielle once again put her foot in her mouth.

Selene raised an eyebrow at her. Arielle flushed and stammered out, "W-wait. I didn't mean it like that! What I meant"

The vampire laughed as Arielle trailed off shamefully. Arielle was expecting her to be at least a little bit angry at the intrusive question. Selene didn't (thankfully) appear to be mad. The opposite really.

"I've never been interested in such trivial things," the vampire answered honestly.

Arielle blinked in surprise. Selene had been alive that long and hadn't found somebody she loved or you know....

"So you've never been in love?"

Selene's look turned cold. Arielle flinched back and knew she had crossed the line. We'll here was no taking that back.

"Of course I've loved someone before but they've always left me in the end. I have never been interested in such things as intercourse."

Arielle's mouth formed a little 'O' shape. So Selene was asexual. Personally, Arielle had no problem with it. She believed a person could do  (or not do in this case) whatever they wanted as long as they were happy.

"How," Arielle started, pulling the vampire from her little brooding stare out the window, "how does someone become a vampire? Is it like in the movies where they share blood and stuff?"

Selene wrinkled her nose in disgust. "Sharing blood? That's revolting. It's more like a virus. When you are human you have no idea you have it. It's not until after you die that the virus is awakened and you're turned into a vampire."

"What is the virus?"

"We don't exactly know. There are theories. Some believe the Moon chooses us while others believe it's a mutation. It's a matter of opinion."

"How did you die?" Arielle asked softly.

"The Black Death."

Arielle was so astonished she started to laugh.

"I'm sorry," Arielle said between giggles, "it's not funny at all," (insert laugh), "it's just this is all so unreal!"

Selene laughed gently at her and Arielle felt happier than she has in a while.

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