Chapter 8

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"How did you find me?" Arielle asked.

Selene's lips twitched at her question.

"You didn't get that far. Your scent was easy enough to track."

Arielle frowned. 'She hadn't gotten that far'. Selene wasn't the one who had almost gotten frostbite from walking 'not that far'.

"Okay, but how about before? When I was in the looney bin?" Arielle insisted.

Selene tilted her head slightly, wondering the best way to answer Arielle's question.

"Your bite mark," Selene started (Arielle raised a hand to her neck), "it acts as a tracking device. As long as it's fresh our minds are connected. Now that you're with me it should heal as it usually would."

Arielle's eyes widened in shock. That was so freaking cool! What else could vampires do?

"Most vampires, after a long time of training, can use mind control. However it only works on humans. Vampires can't mind control other vampires, except for the Queen of course. And apparently, you can't be controlled either."

Arielle blushed red. She must have spoken out loud again. Arielle seamed to be doing that around Selene a lot lately.

"Who is the Queen?" Arielle asked timidly, still embarrassed by her inability to talk around Selene. She was acting like a freaking bonehead.

Surprisingly, Selene smiled warmly.

"The Queen is always a wonderful ruler," Selene said with such compassion that Arielle couldn't help but smile at how much Selene cared for the Queen.

"Does the Queen change?"

"Every hundred years a new Queen comes into power. She's born with the knowledge of every Queen before her. She can be young, old, or any race."

Arielle leaned forward, puzzled. What did she mean that the Queen was born? Like a baby?And also why can she be young or old? Is there some kind of Benjamin Button thing going on in this vampire kingdom?

"What do you mean born?"

"The Moon gives us our Queen. Every hundred years the current Queen will go lay inside a sacred room with glass calling so she can see the moon. She goes to this room always when the moon is full and always after a hundred years. Then, the Queen will return to the Moon and the Moon will give us a new Queen. The youngest Queen I've served so far was 6 years old."

Arielle sat there like a fish out of water. Her mouth would open to say something then close again. How crazy did that sound? It she hadn't of been attacked by vampires so many times she probably would have laughed in Selene's face then left the Awful Waffle.

"You don't believe me," the vampire stated. Her golden eyes boring into Arielle's, challenging her to say otherwise.

"This is all hard to believe," Arielle finally spoke. She felt that was a valid answer. This whole situation was hard to grasp.

"It would be more believable if you saw it in person."

They then slipped into a comfortable silence. Arielle started to think about what Selene has told her. She had said that the Queen changes every hundred years. 'I wonder who long she's been a vampire,' Arielle thought.

"How many Queens have you served? And what do you mean by serve? Are you a maid or something?"

The dark vampire snorted. "I'm hardly a maid. I'm the Queen's assassin."

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