I Want To Do Bad Things With You (Boy X Boy)

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I want to do bad things with you

Chapter One

Jace and I used to be best friends. We did everything together, that is until he told me that he is gay. I couldn't handle it. How could my best friend, the guy that I trusted with my deepest darkest secrets, the guy that I'd trust with my life, be gay? It was completely unexpected and if he didn't tell me himself I never would have believed it. He didn't look gay and he didn't act gay. In fact, he used to be one of the most popular guys in school.

We played football, went to parties and picked up chick together. Girls loved him and he seemed to have found them sexy and intriguing, I guess he was just a good actor.

"Watch out!" I heard somebody yell and turned around just in time to catch the football that was heading directly towards me. If didn't catch it, it would have been one hell of a blow. I should really concentrate more on my surrounding but I was way too preoccupied with watching Jace. He's changed so much in the last year that I found it hard to believe that he was actually the same guy. He's grown his hair so that it hangs in his face and he even wears makeup. I mean, I can still understand the piercings but Makeup! Seriously? Makeup is for girls not guys!

I shook my head, trying to get rid of all thoughts of him as I kicked the ball back to Jason.

Jason and I have been hanging out together a lot over the last year but no matter how cool of a guy he is, I can't seem to stop missing the friendship Jace and I shared.

Jason must have noticed that I wasn't into playing so instead of kicking the ball back to me he kicked it over to a bunch of our friend. They all continued playing but I just didn't feel like it. You could say that I was moping if you want, it'll be the truth. Lately I've really been missing Jace. At first it didn't bother me so much. I made my decision after all but lately it hasn't been as easy I thought it would be. Especially since our moms are still best friends.

"Drake!" Elana exclaimed as soon as she saw me. She was in the cafeteria with her friends and obviously pleased to see me.

"Hi babe," I replied as she ran over to me and literally jumped into my arms. I hugged her tightly against me, pressing my lips to hers. We've been dating for over a year now and I couldn't have asked for a better girl. She's pretty, with an extremely hot body and to top it all off she is always in a good mood.

"I thought you guys were going to practice," she said as I put her back down on her feet.

"I just didn't feel like it," I replied, shrugging my shoulders. Luckily Elana doesn't ask too many questions. We were already dating when Jace and I had our fall out. I never told her the reason why. I just said it's personal. I might not accept the fact that he is gay but I'll keep his secret, I owed him that much after all we've been through.

I sat with Elana and her friends for the rest of lunch. I tried to act like nothing was bothering me but seeing him sitting alone day after day was really starting to get to me. He used to be popular, just like me but since I cut all ties with him and he decided to go all emo, nobody even bothers to talk to him anymore.

He keeps to himself. Talking to nobody unless he has to and sitting alone in class. The guilt of seeing him so miserable is slowly eating away at me. He acts like being alone all the time doesn't bother him and although the other kids might buy it, I don't.

Later that afternoon I dropped Elana off at her house and then made my way over to mine

The night dragged by slowly and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get Jace's face out of my mind. The pain I saw in his eyes whenever he would accidently look at me was killing me. And for the hundredth time I considered asking him to forgive me. But I just couldn't get myself to do it.

It was the beginning of our senior year everything was going perfectly. I am popular and even the teachers like me. I am Quarterback of our football team and coach said that if I keep playing the way I do that I'll definitely get a scholarship. My dream has always been to be a professional football player and I could almost taste it. I can't afford to make any mistakes now when I was so close to having it all.

I battled falling asleep and when I woke up the next morning I found myself not looking forward to the day at all. We had a big game tonight and then a party at my house. My parents are great with things like that, usually they go out and make a night of it but tonight they are staying at home and they have invited Jace and his mom to come over. His dad died when he was still little and although his mom has had boyfriends over the years she never remarried. My mom kind of made it her responsibility to keep his mom entertained and that meant I was stuck having to deal with hearing about him and seeing him when all I wanted to do was forget about him and the guilt I was feeling

I sighed at the thought and then dragged myself out of bed. I threw on a pair of jeans that I found on the ground and then scrounged through my cupboard for a clean t shirt. I found a tight white one and decided that it would have to do. It will attract me a lot of attention from all the girls at school but who knows, it might just help lift my spirit.

I grabbed a piece of toast from the table as I made my way out of the house and chuckled as my mom yelled disapprovingly after me. She won't stay angry, she never does. My car was standing in the driveway so I jumped in, turned up my music as loud as it would go and sped off down the road.

I live about ten minutes away from school and always listen to my music so loud that the car actually vibrates. The feeling is sensational, especially when you're high and with a girl, or two...

I was still thinking about that night when something caught the corner of my eye. Jace. He was walking to school since his mom couldn't afford to buy him a car. When we were younger our parents would take turns driving us to school and once I turned sixteen I got my own car. I used to pick him up and give him a lift but since our fight I haven't bothered. I'm not sure if he would want to get into a car with me after the way I've treated him anyway.

I knew that he must have known that it was me passing him but he didn't look up once. His hoodie was securely pulled over his head as he stared at the ground. I mentally cursed myself for letting things go so far but still couldn't get myself to stop, instead I pressed my foot down on the petrol.

It didn't take me long to get school after that, considering I was breaking every speed limit there was. I met up with Elana in the parking lot and then went in search of Jason and the rest of my friends. I found them at his locker, they were deep in conversation. Apparently Jason wanted to see if he could get into some new girls pants tonight at the party, oh well, good luck to him. I might get their first however, that is if I can get rid of Elana for long enough.

Now don't get me wrong. I really care about her but I already know that we are not going to be together forever. I believe that you will know when you've found the one person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and she isn't that person. I like her, I care about her, and I think she is hot as hell but I don't love her.

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