Chapter 1

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My confidence building up as I walk towards my enemy alongside my pack. My Beta Matt on my right and my Gamma Alexander on my left, and members of the pack following behind. Step by step we are walking towards what I was waiting for so long - to meet Alpha Noah and his pack. His father Durango killed a lot of people from my pack, my father too. He wasn't the best father, made a lot of mistakes, had a few enemies, but loved his pack and his position. Me being the only child, I had to take over my fathers title and become the first female Alpha, to one of the biggest and strongest packs - Imperial Shadow Pack. Everyone thought that the pack will fall apart, but that never happened. I will never let that happen, I promised my dad that I will lead this pack until my last breath. Like he did.

I can see their pack standing in place, waiting for our arrival, for my arrival. They know that I won't let it slip what their ex Alpha Durango did before he cowardly ran away. And he called himself an Alpha. Now nobody knows where he is. Rumor has it that he killed his mistress and after that he killed himself. Who knows? I heard that his son Noah was better than him. But he knows I want something in return for so many innocent lives. Even though it is not his fault, we have to make a deal that will work for both of our packs.

I stop and stand in front of their pack but I don't see their Alpha, I only smell the scent of the ocean but I ignore it. I go straight for it "Where is your Apha?".

They all look at each other but nobody answers. Suddenly the Night River pack members started moving leaving a gap which was scattered by a man with a deep voice " I am here Alpha Simone." I felt the tingles in my body body and I had to look up. My eyes met blue ones and then it hit me.


Well shit.


"Just go talk to him Simone. You have to face him someday" Matt told me while holding my hand to calm me down. I can feel Alpha Noah's stare or should I say my mate staring while other man was trying to calm me down by holding my hand. I was thankful he didn't kiss me in front of Noah. Me and Matt have been hooking up for some time. I know it sounds wrong, but I needed someone at the time and Matt appeared to be there. "Well, you're right." I took a deep breath while turning over and walking towards my mate, our mate.

Stay calm. Stay calm. What should I do? Shit. " Let's sit and discuss this, yeah?" I blurted out not knowing what to say. "After you Alpha Simone" He says opening the door and gesturing for me to go in. I start walking when I feel something warm touching my back and I couldn't help but feel the damn sparks. I stop in my tracks and turn my face towards Noah "Get your hand off of me. " I say trough gritted teeth. He throws his hands in the air and the mumbles a 'sorry' and starts walking towards the table. I expected him to take a seat but instead he pulled the chair and gestured for me to take a seat. I sat down and stared at my hand while waiting for him to take a seat and say something. But instead he leaned over and started talking few inches from my face. "I have a deal for our packs that I think can work for both of us."

"Spill out Alpha Noah."

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