Welcome To Dreaded DreamWorks!

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Welcome to the official website for Dreaded DreamWorks!
Brought to you by the makers of Dead End Disney!
Must be 18+
Must have a partner
Pick from our four hotels!
•Toothless' Cave
•Shrek's Cottage
•Farquad's Castle
•Alex's Throne

   Your best friend was dragged on by an ad. Oh boy, from the makers of Dead End Disney! "Haven't you learned your lesson? We even got harmed there, twice! We can sue them for that and now you wanna go to this spin off of Dead End Disney!" You screamed angrily at your best friend. "Oh hush (F/n), and I thought that I nagged at people!"
It's been five years since you and your best friend went to Dead End Disney. You two were now 24, and living together. Dreaded DreamWorks didn't sound very exciting. You inhale and exhale while your best friend clicks book a hotel.

How long would you like to stay at Dreaded DreamWorks? 7 days

What hotel would you like to stay in? Toothless' Cave

        Your best friend did it. Your best friend booked a week at Dreaded DreamWorks. You felt horrible about it. You stomach was doing flips and cartwheels while your best friend giggled in their chair. "Isn't this gonna be fun?"
"Your such an idiot."
"And that's why we are friends!" Your best friend said. You giggled at the response.
You slid into the sofa. It's the color of (Fav/Color) and it's soft. It's cushions feels like clouds. You sigh and grab the remote with no hesitation. You press the power button and turn on (Fav/Show).
Your best friend plops down next to you. "Why are you wearing my socks?" You ask your best friend as you stare at the socks that are on their feet. Your best friend shrugged and changed the channel. "Hey! I was watching that! Besides I deserve to watch it because you booked that trip!" You said as you snatched the remote away from your best friend. "Fine." Your best friend said reluctantly as they rolled their eyes.
"When are we going?" You ask your best friend while your half way into the show, "In a week. We have a week to prepare." You get a notebook and blue pen. You jolted down the basic things you needed to get. You asked your best friend if you two needed anything else like requested snacks and maybe a neck pillow.
A week flies by. The bags are packed. Got the neck pillows. Snacks and drinks is all covered. You two are ready to hit the road. You never been so afraid to go on a trip, and that was a definite first. You also didn't want to go, but you did it for your best friend (which was also a first). It wasn't as far as Dead End Disney but it was a good two hour drive. You prepared for the worst. A week goes by fast. At least when your having fun with passing time.

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