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My name is Augustus Merriwether Potts and I am a survivor of the terrible events of 1865 which culminated in the deaths of so many people.

It is usually the case that one would refer to a "survivor" as one of the fortunate ones. If only that were the case for me.

I have spent all these years, like many of my companions, in the shadows; afraid and unwilling to speak out about what actually happened, unable to describe the horrors which were inflicted on these once fine lands. Tortured by the knowledge that our Realm was so much stranger, more deadly and more vulnerable than we ever conceived it could be.

These words mark the fact that I have finally broken my silence.

I set down these words partly to correct some of the lies and mistruths which have been written about the events of those days. Just as important, I write in the hope that committing these memoirs to paper will purge the guilt and dread that I have lived with for all these years.

I write down this history because I must do so: otherwise, what good was it all for?

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