Chapter 1: Last Day of School

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*Beginning of the day *
    "Beep, beep" goes my alarm clock.I jump out of bed and get dressed. For the last day of school I put on high wasted pants and a green crop top that's say "younow" on it ,also black vans.

I hear a knock on my window and I steady know who it is.

"Lexi, what are you wearing" I told her in a disgusted voice. She was wearing a pink neon shirt and a high wasted pants like mine. She never wears neon mostly black.

"My mom told me it's the last day of school so I had to change my look" she told me rolling her  eyes.

"Well it's not you want to wear my black flower crop top?" I just had to ask her that question.

"Of course you know me so well Livi" she told me happily.

*At school*
I don't get why we have to go to school let me just stay home I wanted to tell my mom but she said no.

"I just don't want it be here Lexi with all the drama between me Blake he makes it so difficult to see him and when we broke up he started dating kaylee" in a high whisper I told her.

"Hey I know it's really hard for you right now but me and you are going around the world to meet and greet your fans from younow" Lexi told me in low but happy.

It was the last minute until school ended and for some reason I ran into Blake.

"It's almost time for summer and I just wanted to tell you I still love and I want to get back with you please Olivia just forgive me what I did" he told me with almost giving me his puppy eyes.

Of course I wasn't alone I was with Lexi and she wasn't happy because she knows and I already know this but he's a player.

"Leave her alone, she doesn't want to get back with you and never will she go back with you" she told him angrily.

I was confused about if I should go back with him or not, but I knew I couldn't because of what he did to me.

Hey you guys I hope you like this chapter and if you do, you will like chapter 2: the tour when she meets the people she is going to spend her whole summer with.😏

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