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siena's pov

"guys, i can't believe i'm missing harrison's party for this" i groaned as i spoke through the phone to my best friends.

"me neither, we've been planning this for weeks" tiana said. "your dad has got to learn how to lighten up a bit".

"tell me about it" i agreed, as i fell back onto my pillow and face palmed to the amount of times that my dad has ruined my plans.

"wait, why is your dad making you stay home again?" avery questioned.

"to have dinner with his employee and nineteen year old son".

"ooo, is he cute?" tiana gushed.

"i don't know, i haven't even seen him yet. but if i'm missing a party for this, he better be".

"siena! come downstairs and greet our guests" i heard my mother call, and i rolled my eyes and sat up on my bed.

"guys, i have to go. the nightmare begins" i exaggerated.

"i doubt it will be that bad, siena" avery said.

"yeah, we'll text you later with all of the after-party-details any ways" tiana assured.

"okay, make sure you don't have too much fun without me" i finally joked and quickly ended the call after we said our goodbyes.

i walked down the large staircase, holding onto the wooden bannister as my parents stood with an older, tall and slightly tanned man, that i assumed was mr gilinsky.

"siena, i would like you to meet david gilinsky" my dad introduced. we both shook hands, but he held a smile across his wrinkled face, while i gave back a fake and quick grin.

as mr gilinsky followed my parents into the living room, i whipped out my phone to check for any party updates already, but the doorbell interrupted me so i walked towards opening it.

"siena, honey, could you answer the door for david's son?" my mother called as i brushed off my floral dress, pulled on the handle and revealed an unknown figure.

i instantly examined his tall stance, dark hair, distinctive eyebrows and all the way down to the fairly new sneakers that looked almost two sizes, too big for him.

he wore a leather jacket rather than a suit jacket, so i could already suspect that he was the type of guys that my parents would never let me associate with.

then he randomly had a smart shirt underneath it, so i assumed that it was the only decent clothing that his dad could actually get him to wear.

but, the neat structure of his clenched jaw was mainly what i was mesmerised by until i heard a throat clear and i jumped out of my reverie.

"is staring at me like that just how rich people open doors or..."

"what? no, sorry, hi, i'm siena" i quickly answered, holding my hand out for him to shake.

"jack," he responded, before releasing from my hold and gestured behind him. "nice cars, you've got out there by the way"

"oh, thanks" i replied. "your car's pretty nice too".

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