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Your P.O.V

I've went back to Luhan's house and I saw him finding something. He looked left and right but eventually gave up and decided to sleep. I went beside him and saw that his room's a mess. I started to get their feather duster and cleaned the shelves as I hum a song.

And I saw papers, drawings and drafts. Didn't know this guy could draw well. While fixing back his folder, now I saw a picture of him and a girl.

With Yae, written at the back of the picture. I looked at the girl a bit closer but someone took it in all of a sudden.

"Don't touch that." He kept the picture away and my heart skip a beat knowing that's he's awake. I gasped and feeling nervous to what he will say but he sighed and looked away, heading back again to his bathroom.

When he was done and got out of the bathroom. I knew that he'll change clothes so I went outside immediately the balcony and waited. I flew to the front of their gate and waited for him outside. "(Y/N)? Where are you?" I heard him looking for me, I hid behind the wall. He sighed and got in his car as I follow him without him knowing.

When I arrived at his school, I saw some people with their friends, lovers and some are eating. Oh I wish I could eat those foods again.

I saw Luhan coming and I hid behind the tree immediately and peeked at him. He got a lot of friends, and.... fangirls?

Oooh, that guy he's talking with is so handsome!

But guy with a rainbow hair's cute, and that tall guy!

Oh wait no, him! He's cuter.

Aish, stop it (Y/N)

And there's a girl beside him, she's familiar, I think I saw her somewhere. Then I realized, she is the girl in the picture. She's Yae? Wow, she's really pretty in person. I followed them but then a girl blocked their way.

"Annyeong Luhan oppa~! How do I look?" A girl wearing a big head band attempted to be cute but she is not.

"Uh, Annyeong Hee Rin. Lets go guys." he walked away with his friends. But the Hee Rin girl took his wrist.

"Yah Oppa! I'm asking you!" this girl is getting on my nerves. I don't know but I hate those kind of girls, like trying to be cute but it doesn't suit them, doing aegyo which is so irritating.

Luhan shoved her hand away and when Hee Rin is about to kiss him, I ran and shoved her face right away that made her stumble down the floor.

"Oops. I'm sorry." I showed her a peace sign but she'll never see it, even the others except Luhan.

"How dare you!" She shouted.

Luhan raised both of his hands. "I didn't do that." With a frowned face, Hee Rin stood up. Then she gave Luhan a loud slap. I slapped her back. Hearing a chuckle from behind, "I didn't do that either!" She glared at him for a second then she stormed off with her fellow hussies.

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