Chapter 5

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(Gemini POV)

I Am Officially Out Of My Chill Zone, But I'm Not All The Way Out Cause I Kept My Cool Out There. But The Christmas I Thought That Was Gone Go Smooth And Nice I Think Just Took A Turn For The Worst. What Else Can Go Wrong?...

"Where's DJ And Rain?" I Asked As Me And Tay Walked Into The Kitchen.

"Where Else?" TD Said.

"Making Grand Babies" I Said.

"Actually No They Went To Sleep" TD Said.

"Lying Ass" I Said.

"You Right... I Almost Forgot This Your Cousin We Talking Bout" TD Said To Me.

"Your Brother" I Said.

"You Wasnt Really Hungry Huh Teddy?" Tay Asked TD As She Took A Seat On The Stool.

"Maybe" Teddy Said.

"I Don't See No Food" She Said.

"I Lied But Dont Tell Nobody" He Whispered To Tay. "Are You And Gemini Hungry To?" He Asked Her.

"Nawl Weirdo... But Im Thirsty Doe" She Said Looking At Me.

"Would You Like Some Water?" I Asked Her With A Smirk. "Cause Water Is What You Give Thirsty People" I Said.

"Damn" She Said. "You See What I Gotta Rock With Teddy" She Added.

"What You Want?" I Asked Her.

"A Soda Please" She Said.

"Coke, Pepsi, Or Sprite?" I Asked Her Going Into The Fridge.

"Pepsi" She Said.

"Would You Like Me To Open It For You To?" I Joked.

"Give Me The Pepsi" She Said.

"Your Pepsi" I Said Giving It To Her.

"Thank You Sir" She Said Smirking Then Opening It And Taking A Sip Of Her Soda.

"So Why'd Yall Leave From Outside?" TD Asked.

"Bad Company" I Said.

"Gemini Forced Me..." Tay Said.

"Did Not" I Said Taking A Seat On A Stool.

"No Way To Treat A Lady" TD Joked.

"He Said My Playtime Was Over" Tay Said Causing TD To Chuckle A Little.

"Did Not" I Said.

"Did Not" Tay Repeated.

"Did..." I Started To Say But Stopped Noticing She Didn't Go Against What I Said.. She Basically Repeated What I Said.

"Gotcha" She Said Flashing Me A Smile And A Playful Wink.

"Awww Adorable" TD Said.

"Shut Up Teddy" Tay Said.

"I Almost Thought Y'all Was Really Together" TD Said. "Beautiful" He Said Clapping His Hands Together And Wiping Fake Tears.

"Thats The Plan Right" Tay Said.

"Who's The Dude By The Way?" Tay Asked.

"Gilani" TD Said.

"Your Brother" Tay Said Looking At Me.

"That Aint My Brother" I Said.

"Y'all From The Same Mom Right?" She Asked.

"No" I Simply Said.

"That Gemini's Ex Brother" TD Said.

"Funny" Gemini Said.

"I Knew It... That's The Oldest One... Mmmm" Tay Said.

"What?" I Asked.

"Nothing" Tay Said.

"Really?" I Asked. "Do You Think He's Handsome?" I Said.

"Dont Answer That's Cheeks" TD Said.

"Yeah His Alright" Tay Said.

"Dont Lie" I Said.

"Alright To He Honest He Fine Asf" She Said.

"You Like Him Already Dont You?" I Asked.

"Dont Answer That's Cheeks" TD Said Again.

"I Dont Even Know Dude" Tay Said Letting Out A Little Laugh.

"Yeah You Probably Like Him To... Cause All Them Did" I Said Being Totally 100.

"First Of All Gemini... I'm Not All Them Whoever All Them Is" She Said. "And Secondly I Aint Even Like That" She Said.

"Mmmm" I Said.

"Mmmm" Tay Said Mimicking Me. "Dont Be Comparing Me To Nun Of Your Dusty Old Past Hoes" She Added.

"Alright Thats My Fault.... I Apologize" I Told Her.

"Yeah" She Said. "But I'm Going For A Nap" She Said And Left For Upstairs.

"Tay You Not Mad Are You?" I Yelled After Her.

"No Not At All" She Said Then I Heard The Room Door Shut.

"Do You Think She's Mad" I Asked TD.

"No, Why Would She Be?" TD Sarcastically Said.

"I'm For Real" I Said. TD Is Never Serious.

"I Mean If I Had A Girlfriend She Would Be Girlfriend Letter C And I'm Sure She Wouldn't Get Mad If I Were Comparing Her To Girlfriend Letter A And Girlfriend Letter B... Right?" TD Said. He Had Me Looking Like What The Fuck Cause That Was Not English.

"English Please" I Asked.

"You Basically Just Compared Her To Your Past Girlfriends" He Said.

"Really... I Didn't Say That" I Said.

"You Didn't Have To Say Anything ... Well You Did You Said Yeah You Probably Like Him To... To Make It Worst You Said Cause All Them Did" TD Said.

"But She Not Even My Girlfriend For Real" I Said.

"Even..." TD Started.

"Shut With That Even Worst Shit" I Told Him.

"One More..." He Said.

"One Last Time" I Said.

"Even Worst You Comparing Cheeks Who Is Not Your Girlfriend To Your... In Her Words... Dusty Old Past Hoes" He Said.

"She'll Get Over It" I Said.

"Ofcourse She Will Cheeks Don't Hold Grudges" TD Said.

"Yes She Does" I Said.

"No She Doesn't" He Said.

"She Do" I Said.

"She Doesn't" He Said.

"How You Gone Tell Me?" I Asked.

"Really Gem..." He Said.

"OK You Know Her Better So What" I Said.

"So I Know She Doesn't Hold Grudges..." He Said.

"Then How Do You Explain The Way She Is Towards Me Back Home?" I Asked. "She Obviously Hates Me... She Only Did This For The Money And After She's Gone Go Right Back To How She's Been After All This Is Over With" I Said.

"Acting" He Whispered.

"Acting?" I Said.

"Yeah Cheeks... She's Been In The Acting Business For A Long Time" He Said.

"Translate?" I Asked.

"She Dont Hate You" He Said Taking A Sip Of My Soda.

"So Why She Like Acting Like She Does?" I Asked.

"Cant Tell You That..." TD Said.

"What You Mean You Can't Tell Me?" I Asked.

"Cause Its For Me To Know And You To One Day Find Out" TD Said. "Maybe" He Added.

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