Chapter 2

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Chapter 2,

When the Ghost ship landed, the crew all had a mission to do. Ezra had to get some parts for the Ghost and the others had to go to feed the poor or get some Intel on the empire.
Once Ezra left he went to Joes bar to get a drink, once he finished he left for town. Ezra walked into a shop and got some of the parts he needed for the ship, but not all of them were there so he had to walk to the other side of town to get other parts. On his way there he saw a young Rodian getting punched and kicked by a woman. Ezra walked over to her and pushed her away from the young boy. Ezra told the young Rodian to run away and he did.  The woman walked away not feeling one bit ashamed for hurting a child. Ezra sighed . On his way to the other side of town Ezra bumped into Kanan and Kanan helped him carry some of his things.
Kanan started walking with Ezra to the other side of town when he bumped into a man with a girl tied up next to him. Kanan saw that Ezra had froze and began shaking. Kanan looked at the man and seen that he was staring at Ezra with a strange look. The man went to touch Ezra but the teenage boy pushed him away. "Don't touch me!" He shouted and Kanan grabbed Ezra and he jumped at the touch.
"You little brat, I thought I thought you better. Especially when I own you," the man said to Ezra and Ezra shook his head.
"I don't belong to anyone. You just took me off the streets" Ezra didn't want to finish his sentence when Kanan was there.
"And what brat or should I say number 1001!" He shouted and started having a maniac laugh. Ezra then ran away and Kanan followed him.

When Ezra stopped he stopped at the market he needed to get supply's for the ship. Him and Kanan didn't talk in the shop but once the got out Kanan and him went to Joes bar to talk, but they took the roofs so they wouldn't bump into that man.
Once they got to Joes Kanan ordered some space waffles for them both with a cold drink. Kanan and Ezra sat in the back of the shop and Ezra was still shaking a bit. Ezra wanted to cry but he didn't want to look stupid. "Ezra, who was that man?" Kanan asked and Ezra shot his head up.
"That man he..he took me in off the streets when I was younger and he and he-" Ezra didn't finish when Joe put some space waffles next to them with a cold drink. Once the two finished Kanan and Ezra went back to the Ghost. Ezra gave Hera all the shopping and went to his room, luckily Zeb wasn't in there.
Later on in the day Kanan came in and told him to finish the story. Ezra didn't want to so he turned around and lifted his shirt. Once he did Kanan was horrified with all the scars and then he saw a number that had slave number above it. "Ezra you were a salve?" Kanan asked a little shocked and he nodded.
"I didn't want any of you to find out. I was so ashamed. The day we met, that was the day I finally escaped. That why I took the speeder, I never knew you were stealing the crates until the Empire got involved," after he finished explaining he fell to the ground on his knees feeling ashamed of himself and he also started crying. Kanan hugged Ezra and the boy still cried and shook. Kanan told Ezra to go to his room so they could meditate to help with the crying. When the two started meditating Ezra stopped caring, Kanan then stopped and opened his eyes. Just as he opened his eyes Ezra collapsed. Kanan caught him and put him in his bed to get some rest.
Kanan left his room and went to tell the crew everything. Once he did Hera had started crying herself. Kanan and Hear went to their room and saw Ezra still asleep. Hera walked over to her 'son' and kissed him on the forehead. Ezra then started mumbling in his sleep saying. "Thank you, for saving me. Mom and dad," the all of a sudden Ezra woke up with a scream.
"Ezra it's okay it's me and Kanan. Ezra look at me its Hera and Kanan," Hera said and Ezra hugged her.
"Thank you, for everything. You are like my mother, nice caring and loveable. And Kanan is like my dad. Friendly caring and loveable. You two are like my parents who adopted me when I was a baby," Ezra said and Kanan and Hera jumped realising something.
"Ezra you were adopted? when?" Hera asked and Ezra shrugged his shoulders.
"I would say the day when I was born. My real parents went to Mira and Empraim Bridger, they said my real name is Ezra Dume not Bridger. They said I had to be named Bridger because my dad Caleb Dume was a Jedi and his wife was a Twi'lek" once he finished Hera and Kanan looked at Ezra with shock.
"Ez..Ezra, me and Kanan. Me and Kanan are your parents. Kanan changed his name so the empire didn't know who he was," once Hera said this the three of them hugged.
"So can I, can I call you mom and dad?" Ezra asked and his two parents nodded with happiness.
"Anything you can call us anything you want," Hera said as she cried of happiness and so did Kanan.

On the other side of town the man who was Ezras old master was beating up a young girl for not doing something right. He then kept saying. "Why can't you be like 1001? Why?" He said it over and over.

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