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"This way, Youngjae" The man named Himchan led the child through an underground. Youngjae could only open his mouth in delight as he saw every single enticing thing in there for his eyes to explore. It was filled with so many eye-catching decorations that it made him actually wish he'd never leave! It was that majestic! To say the least, he has never been into such a place ever in his life before...

"Himchan-hyung... do you really live here?" He took a glance at the said man who had the same unusual smile seemingly plastered to his face ever since Youngjae agreed to have himself over.

"Why, yes... do you like it here, Youngjae-ah?" He tightened his hand on the child's as he tried to make him preoccupied enough to avoid looking at any of the many rooms that the underground had.

"Yes!! It's so colorful! I love colors!" He stared in awe at the enchanted walls that his eyes never seemed to stop looking at. There were even Mickey Mouse knickknacks! Mickey mouse! His hero! Well along with Daehyun of course...


Daehyun would've loved this.

They entered a nice room. It was cozy. Warmth seemed to radiate all over, making the room welcoming and alluring to the seven year old's accord.

Himchan sat him on a colorful bean bag chair, making sure it was cozy enough to have the cutest little boy he's seen in years loosen himself up.

Youngjae felt himself sink into the soft furniture and let all his muscles relax and flex. He watched as Himchan prepared the hot chocolate somewhere in the corner of the room and swore to himself that he and that man would become really good friends. It wasn't often he got an opportunity like this... and his parents only ever made hot chocolate for him thrice a month or so, saying it was for his own good not to drink something too sweet, too much.

But he loved that drink.

If it's with Daehyun, he was safe because Mrs.Jung didn't know he was prohibited to drink it lots... still, they only ever have it during slumber parties.. and that does not happen everyday..

But with Himchan-hyung,his new friend...

it makes things a lot easier now, doesn't it? He's only met the man minutes ago and he's already giving him his favorite drink! This was surely a nice sign for Youngjae's self satisfaction... and he didn't even have to force Himchan, unlike his parents who needed to be begged to... in fact, Himchan was even eager to give it to him!

Himchan was sure nice...

"Here's your hot chocolate, Jae Jae!"
Himchan placed the cup of the steaming hot drink down on the table, in front of the excited Youngjae and inwardly grinned at how those small little eyes widened in delight, seeming as if they've captured all of the planet's light forms.

However...,despite being utterly happy about having given a chance to drink his favorite
beverage, there was no doubt that Youngjae felt not the least bit comfortable about Himchan's choice of names.

"Himchan hyung, you're very kind and all... but please don't call me Jae Jae. It makes me uncomfortable." he awkwardly scratched the back of his head, worried Himchan might take it the wrong way.

The elder man only smiled ear to ear and Youngjae kind of find it odd.. wonder what was so funny about that.. "Oh? Why so?"

"I don't even let mommy and daddy call me that since it makes me sound too much of a baby... only one person is an exception..."

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