White Christmas episode 2

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In voiceover, we hear Moo-yul describe the person Eun-sung used to be; smiling, warm, popular. We see that side of her in glowing flashbacks, until Moo-yul explains how her personality changed, as though the old version of her had simply been wiped away.

It's Christmas Day, and we find Eun-sung under Doctor Kim's care in the school clinic while Teach asks a shaken-up Moo-yul, with his arm soaked in Eun-sung's blood, a series of questions about her personality. Her records mark the change that happened and Teach wonders if it had to do with her breakup with Moo-yul, who clenches his fists as he asserts, "No, she changed first."

Teach is still suspicious, but this has less to do with Eun-sung and more to do with the number of students that have stayed behind, since only two stayed last year.

It's definitely a little disconcerting that Kang-mo took pictures of Eun-sung while she bled out in the snow, but even more so that Young-jae decides to talk about how he'd do it if he were going to commit suicide. I love Kang-mo's reactions to this, since each suicide sentence from Young-jae elicits a "Please" or "Hallelujah", especially when Young-jae mentions that he'd jump off the roof or hang himself.

But that's what makes Young-jae wonder – if there are such easy ways to commit suicide, why would Eun-sung walk through knee-deep snow all the way to the clock tower?

He's interrupted when he spots Moo-yul making a beeline toward his room, and hardly gets one word in before Moo-yul slams the door in his face. He's startled away from prying further as the door vibrates with the force of Moo-yul's frustrated punches from the other side, which he does until his knuckles are raw and bleeding.

As Teach studies the security camera footage leading up to Eun-sung's suicide attempt, Moo-yul seeks Kang-mo out for footage he took at the school trip in the hopes that they'll find someone with a blue face.

In the safety of his room Kang-mo is able to remove his hearing aid, and starts watching the footage from the trip just as Jae-kyu does the same in the computer lab. The latter is interrupted by Teach, who laments that he couldn't have fun on the school trip because he had to take care of Yoon-soo after he passed out.

Doctor Kim catches Young-jae watching over Eun-sung through a crack in the door, and assures him that she'll be fine. This puts Young-jae on the defensive since he's normally overtly callous to her, which prompts Doctor Kim to note curiously, "Your faces when you're alone and the faces you show to others are different."

As if to play into the doctor's notions, Young-jae slowly plasters on a wide, fake smile... before running back to his room and locking the door like a scared little boy. He even bars the door from the inside, and settles into his chair, only to find a mysterious hand holding the chair from behind.

It's only then that Young-jae notices a fresh wad of gum stuck to his computer screen, and literally trembles as he turns to face his unexpected visitor – the gum-chewing, red-haired Mi-reu. It becomes infinitely clear, with just silence, that Young-jae's tough act is just that – a tough act. Because as soon as realization sinks in that Mi-reu has come to play, Young-jae makes a mad scramble toward the door.

We cut to Kang-mo looking through the trip footage to the sounds of Young-jae being beaten, which Kang-mo can't hear without his hearing aid. Likewise, Yoon-soo and Ji-hoon are otherwise occupied in their respective rooms, leaving no one to hear Young-jae scream.

Luckily Moo-yul and Jae-kyu happen to hear him upon their return to the dorms, while inside the room a smirking Mi-reu grabs a baseball bat, ready to go to town on an incredibly frightened Young-jae. Moo-yul is finally able to force the door open only to see Mi-reu dragging Young-jae by the collar.

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