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“Nice, umm, pad?” he said when he had fully stepped into the room.

“Okay, now that you’ve seen my room, you can go now. Bye!” I said, trying to push him out the door with one lame hand.

“Look, let me at least sit down the food, okay?”

“No, no okay. Just leave!” I pleaded, but my pleas fell on deaf ears as he wandered further into my room and sat on the bed that was once Marquetta’s.

“Look, I’m staying until you finish eating your food, so the sooner you eat, the sooner I’ll be outta here.”

“Fine,” I said as I sat on the opposite bed and started eating the spaghetti. “but just as soon as I’m done, you can leave.”

“Agreed.” He said, smiling at me. After a minute went by he started staring around the room again. “You know, I’ve never been in here… like April would never let me in the room before.”

“I can’t imagine why,” I said, full of sarcasm. “you’re just so charming and non pushy.”

He chuckled, a very cute playful chuckle and started to stare at the floor and wring his hands again like he had done in the hospital before. I was cramming the spaghetti in my mouth at record speed; he needed to go… now! His nervous ticks were starting to seriously irritate me until I finally stopped eating and snapped on him.

“Will you quit it with all that twitching?”

“Oh, sorry,” he stopped twitching and moving almost instantly. “I was just trying to think of something to say.”

“Well, don’t say anything. You said if I ate it, you’d leave. Not if I eat it and talk to you, you’ll leave. So, just drop it.”

“Well, I just wanted to know a little more about you. Like… when’s your birthday?”

“Well… not that I should tell you anything, but it was yesterday actually.”

“All day yesterday?”

“Last time I checked, yeah.” He looked down at my cast on my arm and I quickly pulled it away. Bernard quickly looked at the ground when I pulled it away, almost as if he were ashamed.

“S-sorry about that. I didn’t mean for it to go that far…”

“Neither did I, but it couldn’t be helped. You’re a scum bag, things happen like this when you mess around with scum bags you know.”

“Yeah, I suppose.” He said glumly, still staring at the floor. “Sorry again.”

“Oh my gosh, will you just stop apologizing already? It’s a tad bit annoying you know, I did hear you the first time.”

“Oh, sorr- uh,”

I felt kind of bad for him. Here I was being mean to this boy, and all he wanted was to apologize.

“So, when’s your birthday?” I asked, genuinely curious.

“Well,” he paused and looked at me as if to make sure I wasn’t going to snap his head off again. “it’s in about a week and a half now.”

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