Chapter 30

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"Woop Woop!!" i cheered as me and Blaise walked to out next class "Its been a week! Get over it!" he said but nonetheless he laugehd and wrapped an arm around my shoulders loosely just as Kim came running up after us her hair slightly messy and fixing her clothes. "Well well well what have you been up to?" Blaise asked when she stood next to me "nothing" she said and he raised his eyebrows "i already told Fred that were not going to shag anymore" she said and smoothed her hair down.

Just then my good mood was smooshed as Cho Chang came jogging up to us i thought she would stop for Blaise but she stopped infront of me. "Could we talk in private please?" she asked looking at Blaise and Kim "hmm how bout? No" i said and pushed past her to keep walking "look im sorry about the thing with Harry i had no idea you two were still dating" she said and i laugehd humourlessly "everyone knew they were dating" Kim said coldly. "I swear i-i didnt k-know that you and Harry were a thing and its jsut he was being nice to me after y-you know i was ccrying about C-cedric" she said and i could tell she was about to cry so i swiftly grabbed her shoulders and dragged her into an alcove in the wall pinning her. "Look Chang i know for a fact that you knew i know that Harry wasnt being nice and i know that your a cheating lying deceiving little slut" i said threateningly and raised my wand to her neck "''But'' i also know that Harry really like you for some reason and hes my friend so for his sake i wont hurt you jsut stay the hel away from me and dont you dare try to sleep with either Fred or Blaise like you try to ruin everyone else's relationships" i said and shoved her back against the wall and swept off to Potions. I sat down at my seat and took out my things slapping them onto the table and started to prep my Cauldron. "RelaX" Blaise said and came to sit next to me and i stuck my spoony thingy into the hot mixture that had been in my caldron and splashed it onto his hand "WHAT THE HEL?!" he yelled and held his hadn "Zabini! No need to use that language 5 points from Slytherin" Snape said when he came in and heard him. I smirked as class began.

*1 Month Later* *i dont have any more to write for January so i am not going to Valentine's Day*

"No i am not going with you to any more Parties!" i said "the Tattoo still itches!" i said and scratched my arm were the snake was currently residing "but its a Ravenclaw Party!" he argued. "Still" i said "please?" he asked making puppy eyes "youll have to get me something" i said "what?!" he asked outraged "whatever makes me wanna go with you" i said and stepped into the Three Brooksticks. I was alone for a few minutes Then Hermione and Luna came in followed by Rita Skeeter and sat down at the table next to me and me and Luna began to talk randomely until Harry came in. "She was just trying to make you jelous" i told him when Hermione asked Harry about the date and he made something up "so your speaking to me again?" Harry asked "im not mad at you or anything Harry i know youve liked Cho since 3rd year and you finally got your in im only PO'ed that she all weepy weepy then all kisssy kissy" i said when i spotted Blaise walking towards the Pub then i stood up pullin gmy jacket on. "Make it clear to her Harry that Hermy and you are no more than friends also shes a slut!" i called over my shoulder as i exited the store.

I tapped my foot at Blaise and he held out a small Panda ring that moved "fine give me the dress" i said and he smirked then handed me a bag with a red dress and some jewelery as well as some heels "what time?" i asked "7pm" he said and i nodded curtly mostly mockingly though. "See ya later il pick you up at your Common Room" Blaise said as he walked off and i nodded then headed back to the Castle since Blaise got pissed at me if i wasnt perfect as he called it more like tons of makeup enough Hairspray to make another ozone hole and enough fake boob stuff to make me look like Dolly Parton.

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