Chapter 15

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"Ugh, I told you it's no good, I can't choose what I see."

I sank heavily down into one of the stone chairs, my head spinning and body shaking. I'd lost count over the last few hours how many times I'd delved into Lucas' head, and every time I was just sucked along for the ride with no choice where I went or what I saw. Each time I managed to pull myself out of the memories, I'd recount what I'd seen and most of the time it had correlated with either things we had most recently experience, or something that Lucas had specifically been thinking about.

We experimented with this theory, getting Lucas to think about certain things and then having me dive back into his head to see if I did indeed get a first person preview of exactly what he was remembering. The consensus was the same every time, I was essentially seeing exactly what he wanted me to see, which wasn't going to help us much when it came to Lucifer.

"You can, or you must be able to somehow. We just need to figure out how."

"Yeah, and that is going to be easier said than done. There are no instruction manuals laying around for this sort of thing, and in all honesty I'm almost afraid to try too hard. What if something goes wrong?"

"Are you worrying you might break my brain?" Lucas chuckled, nudging me slightly and I did manage to encourage a smile back onto my face.

"Well when you put it like that, I suppose there's not a whole lot for me to worry about," I said, sarcastically. But I was not able to maintain the light-hearted feeling for very long.

I was beginning to get worried that I wouldn't be able to do this. They'd both, Lucas and Frank, put so much faith in me being this force of Truth that had been destined to come to Hell. They'd stood by my side when things turned south, through every obstacle and over every hurdle we'd come across so far. I couldn't be the one to fall.

"Seriously though, how am I supposed to figure this out? I need to make this work or we've got nothing, there will have been no point to any of this."

"We'll make it work, somehow. It's our 'destiny' isn't it?" Lucas was trying to maintain an optimistic air, even though I could tell he'd been disappointed I'd not made any more progress through all of our time trying. And I wasn't fooled by his half-hearted words.

"Something tells me that this so called destiny isn't all it's cracked up to me."

"That's the spirit, Love, we'll all do fine as long as we keep up with that kind of attitude." Frank said, disdainfully as he wandered in from the sleeping quarters.

He'd been back there checking up on Jesse. With no sure way to convince him to stay with us, and no way to trap him in – and to be fair I was loath to keep him as a prisoner yet again – we managed to agree that keeping him unconscious was our best bet. Once I figured out how to work this stupid new power of mine I could literally show him the truth of what we'd been saying. If he didn't choose to stay with us then we were out of hope, but at this rate I wasn't sure we'd ever be able to even wake him up again.

"Is he still fighting to wake up?" I asked, choosing to ignore his sarcastic remark.

Frank nodded. "I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be able to keep him under. It's good in a way, proves just how much he has changed, how much stronger than your average human he is now. But it also means we're running out of time. As soon as I can't put him back down we need to have a plan, something that doesn't include knocking him over the head again."

Frank had been putting his Whisperer powers into action to keep Jesse locked in his unconsciousness. The hypnosis he was a master of wouldn't work quite so well on him if he was fully awake and alert, but each time Jesse began to fight back against the darkness holding him captive Frank managed to sneak in just before he broke the surface, pushing him back down deeper until he couldn't see daylight any more. However it seemed to be more and more difficult each time he found himself drawn back into that room, feeling the pull of his power fading from Jesse's body.

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