An Unexpected Visit Part 1

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I have been home for over a week now since being hospitalised after finding out the truth about James. I still am having to come to grips with the emotional breakdown I had. I thought I was beyond having those episodes. Apparently, I was wrong. Since leaving the hospital, I've been staying at Mum and Dad's place. I couldn't face my own place just yet.

Thinking of James and having him keep such a big secret from me such as him having a wife has nearly devastated me. I just can't seem to find a way to drag myself up out of this deep dark well of depression I find myself in. Nothing Mum and Dad is doing is helping either. It's like I'm on my own.

I can't even look in a mirror at myself without cringing since I feel so much self disgust at myself. Then there are those thoughts again that draw me into thinking that this is just too hard and I can't take any more. I can't, not again, I think to myself.

"Honey, there's someone here to visit you." Mum says as I just sit in a chair near the window looking out at nothing.

"I don't want to see anyone, Mum." I say to her quietly without moving.

"Well that's too damn bad, isn't it?" Said this voice I had only heard once before causing me to twist my head around to look at him.

"What.. "I stammer out. "What are you doing here?" I asked him. I certainly wasn't expecting him to actually come to visit me, especially now that I'm fighting more demons that have risen in my life to plague me.

"I have been sending messages for you to visit, and you haven't responded. I thought you was just a lying bitch like all the others, so I told them I wanted to come over here and tell you that." He was saying with me trying to keep up with each word he uttered.

"umm.. What.. Umm.." I'm trying to think of something to say and have absolutely no idea what since my mind is so foggy at the moment.

"They tell me you've been in hospital. What'd you do? Have another fall? Or was it because of me?" He asked pushing himself in his chair across the room to come to my side. "Cool room, by the way." he added while looking at everything.

"Bit too girly for me though." He went on to say with this cheeky look on his face.

"So, what happened?" He asked me when he had reached my side.

Without any thought as to why, I just burst into horrible sounding tears which caused his eyes to widen as if a lion had just come into the room and he thought he'd be safe if he didn't move. That was the look he had about him just before he slowly reached out and over to me and pulled me up and out of my chair and slid me over and onto his thighs wrapping his arms around me and holding me close, rocking me while I cried into his shirt fisting it with my hands holding him tight.

I forgot how strong this kid actually was. But then I shouldn't be surprised, should I?

After a few minutes, he pulled out a hankie from his trouser pocket and used it to wipe my tears. Then he held it over my nose, "Blow" was all he said. Which I did. Then he shoved it into the side pocket of my dressing gown he could see causing me to sit up and look at him with this exasperated look on my face when he did that.

"What?" He asked, looking at me with a puzzled face. I just reached into my pocket with two fingertips and pulled out that hankie and tossed it over and try to get it into the trash bin over near the wall over from us. He just laughed.

"What happened?" He then asked quietly while I just lay across his chest feeling secure for the first time in days. I also forgot how big this teenager was too.

"What are you doing here, Daniel?" I asked him in a shaking voice.

"I came to you for a chat that you promised you'd give me if I called. Well, I've been calling and you haven't been answering." He explained while I was listening to his breathing under my ear. I just closed my eyes and settled against him. Just for a moment though.

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