Chapter 10

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Em: Hey! Were you serious about wanting to hang out?

Yuzu: of course! Um, when?

Em: when are you free? Today?

Yuzuru was hiding in the locker room.

They had a small break during training, and he snuck back to his phone just to reply Em.

Yuzu: um, yeah sure! But I'm only free in the evening, I'll need to drop some stuff off at home.

Em: you know where Dark Woods is? I'll meet you there at 6!

Yuzu: okay!

His training would end at 5.30.

He would have to sprint home and drop his suitcase, before sprinting to the cafe.

Sometimes, he really wanted to tell Em about who he really was.

But he was so deep into the lies and the façade, it would make no sense to suddenly tell her that he was a professional skater.

Definitely not after he pretended to be so bad at skating in front of her.


"See you guys next week," Brian called, placing a hand on Javi's shoulder.

Javi was bummed today; he couldn't land his quad salchows. None of them were good. They'd heard that he had a squabble with Miki, so maybe that was the cause.

Yuzuru waved goodbye, and ran off, leaving Nam confused. They always walked home together, since they lived near each other.

5.42. Yuzuru just reached home, and he parked his suitcase in the backyard, before quickly running off to the cafe.

It was dark already, and by the time he reached, it was 5.58.

He entered the cafe, breathless and sweaty, and spotted Em seated in the far corner with a cup of hot tea.

"Hello," he breathed, panting.

"Whoa, slow down. Are you okay?" Em asked, a questioning frown on her features.

"Yea, 'm fine." Yuzu answered, sitting down.

The waitress came around, and they ordered a hot chocolate for him.

"Your clothes look sleek," Em commented, chuckling.

Yuzu nearly choked on his hot chocolate.

Yeah, the clothes.

"Yeah, I went to the gym just now," he lied, looking down at his drink, sipping the hot cocoa.

Em was secretly fangirling inside.

She didn't know what sport he did, but damn he looked really good, in his training attire.



Track and field?

Em crossed out the last possibility. With how they met, half dying, he couldn't be a runner.

Please don't let it be ballet, she thought to herself.

"Can you do splits?" She suddenly asked, wide eyed.

He choked on his beverage.

"What? Um, yeah," he said, still surprised.

"Um, I hear they sell really good pancakes here," he added, leaning forward with the steaming cup of chocolate.

"It's heavenly. They'll bring a hot plate, so you make your pancake yourself. Do you want to share some?" Em said, reaching for the menu.

They settled on two bottles of pancake batter and some whipped cream to top it off.

"I'm going to burn this place down...." Yuzuru said very seriously.

Em couldn't hold in her laughter, spilling a little bit of the batter onto the hot plate, where it sizzled and cooked.

"I'm going to make a Pooh pancake," he laughed, drawing the outline of the bear head with his bottle of batter.

"I would make a stitch one, but it's too hard. Pooh fans like you have it easy: you don't even have to struggle with the eyes!" She pointed her bottle at Yuzuru, and the batter splattered a little onto his face.

They laughed even more, Yuzuru wiping his face with tissue.

"Tell me about your childhood," Yuzuru said after a while, looking up at Em.

Em's inner voice squealed. His eyes were twinkling, and..... Ugh.

"Childhood?" She blinked, flipping her smiley faced pancake carefully, the golden brown pancake flopping over nicely.

"Yeah, like what did you sing, what did you play, you know," he gestured with his spatula.

"Oh. I loved a particular nursery song, it's called Over the Hills and Far Away, I think." She replied, humming the song.

It was a really sad song.

She used to wander around the house when she was younger, alone.

She didn't have any siblings. Em would enjoy chess, but she would have to play both sides, and it was depressing, having no one to play with.

She was trapped, in her white walls again, and she could only hum that song to calm herself.

Tom he was a piper's son

He learnt to play when he was young

And all the tunes that he could play

Was over the hills and far away

Over the hills and a great way off

The wind shall blow my top knot off

"That's a really nice song," Yuzu commented, stabbing his piece of pancake.

"I grew up in Sendai, and my father would sing this Japanese song for me," he added, humming the tune of the song.

He didn't have the confidence to sing. He'd accepted years ago the fact that he could never be a singer.

"You know what? I'm going to give you a Japanese nickname, okay?" he chuckled, pointing his spatula at Em.

She laughed, amused.

"I'm going to call you Kaeru," he said.

On a piece of napkin, he wrote the words


"What's that?" Em laughed.

"Go google it, Kaeru," Yuzuru smirked.

With a few taps of her phone, Google Translate told her that her nickname literally translated to frog.

"I'm a frog, Yuzu?" Em laughed, squeezing more batter onto his face.

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