Izeiah's Pov

I was woken up by the stupid alarm clock someone has set. The alarm clock is now living in the garbage as I accidentally threw it in the wall. I woke up 6 in the morning and now, eating breakfast with the group of maids lined up at sides.

"Now, I'm going to regret agreeing." I complained.

"I'm backing out." I added.

"A deal is a deal." Sabi saakin ni Butler Chan na nakatayo sa gilid ko.

"Sometimes it has to be broken" I mumbled.

Nung bumaba ako kanina may nakita ako limang bagahe. Then something hits me.

It can't be.

No freaking way.

"Dumating na si Ate Hina?" Some maids were in shocked when I asked.

It might be because I spoke tagalog. I rarely speak my native language and that might be the reason why they went dead silent

"H-hindi pa po, Ma'am. Iyan po ang iyong mga kagamitan." Sabi ng isang katulong.

Tiningnan ko siya with relief pasted on my face.

"Good. Good. That almost took my life force."

Then suddenly my phone rang.

Ah, speak of the devil.

"Magandang umaga, Izeiah." Masayang bati saakin ni Ate Hina mula sa phone.

I choked as soon as I heard her.

"Chappy. Chappy. I--ca---er-u---good--ning---oo" I said pretending that there's something wrong with the signal.

Binigay ko agad kay Butler Chan ang cellphone at mabilis na umakyat.

I looked at the time and my soul almost escaped my body when I realized I'm already late.

"Butler Chan!!!! Late na ako!!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs.

"Naplantsa na po ang iyong uniporme."

"Good. Good. Thank you." Sabi ko at kinuha ito agad sa kanyang kamay.

And then I realized. Why bother panicking when I'm already late?.

I calmly put on my uniform and stuffed all my belongings in my backpack.

I'm ready to go.


Butler Chan parked the car in the parking lot. I got out in the car and saw colorful ghosts staring the heck at me.

If they want to copy my make-up, I'd be happy to make a tutorial for them. But then reality is just a bitch..

"Yuck nerd!!"

"Seriously? Meron nabang tamabayan ng nerds sa school na to" said a Destroyed Painting

"Sa pagkakaalam ko ay wala pa" then there's another one whom I think is called Dissapointed Nose

"What the, why do pest always come here" Fried Chick said and laughed like a pyscho.

"Eewwww nerd" Barbequed Meat said after Fried Chick said her complaint.

"Here comes another entertainment" Unknown Species

"Kakatapos lng nung isa na mapaalis ay may substitute naman" Unfashionable Dirt

I ignored them and who is this Qim girl, is it the Lady Qim from the Gryst Family?

As I was walking somewhere inside the school, I have come to a conclusion that I'm lost.

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