Chapter 14

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Hayden's P.O.V

I couldn't be anymore happier then I am at this very moment. All I could ever ask for was laying right beside me. Not only did I find my mate, I got two.

I feel my little one slowly start to wake up in my arms. I look down at his angel like face just as he starts to open his beautiful big eyes.

"Good morning angel. How'd you sleep?" I whisper softly and cradle him more into my arms. He lets out a little yawn and smiles up at me.

"Good morning baby. I slept great. How did you sleep?" He whispers

"I slept good too. Especially with both my sexy mates laying beside me"

"Oh well thanks Hayden!" I hear Zayden say in a husky morning voice. I feel Austin shiver in my arms. I kiss the top of his head.

"We have to get going soon.. Unfortunately this has to end.. Well the trip. Not us of course" Zayden says softly before pulling me into his arms

"I don't want this to end baby.. I want to be with you both forever" Austin whispers.

"Soon baby. But we have to make things right.. Plus I still gotta meet the people who created the most perfect little thing" I say and spoon him from behind.

We stay that way for a bit before we finally decide to get up and go shower. We go back to the room and get dressed, packing their belongs. I couldn't pack anything since.... well I didn't bring anything. We quickly eat breakfast and pack the car. We get inside the car and start heading back home.

I couldn't be more excited at this very moment. I was going to go back home. Where everyone and everything I know is at. I missed everyone, but I was hoping everyone would except me again into the pack. 

After what seems like forever we finally arrive at Austin's house. I was debating to see if I should go inside and meet them now. I get out the car and decided I would. I grab my baby's hand and bags before following Zayden and my little one inside the house. We were greeted with a mouth watering aroma floating around the house. I'm assuming it was my little ones mother cooking. I can now feel my hands sweating. Austin stops and goes in front of me, looking up at me with those beautiful eyes.

"Baby stop worrying. They're going to love you. It'll be weird at first but they already know about werewolf.. they know what happens if we aren't together, so they'll understand baby. Now come on lets get this done so I can be with my big sexy mates" Austin says as he holds my hand.

I smirk at my little one before reaching down to slap his ass gently.  He squeaks before playfully hitting my arm. I chuckle softly and follow behind him as he walks us to what I assume is the kitchen. I sigh softly as his parents and his what I assume was his brothers. Zayden pats my back and nods as if reassuring me that everything will be ok.  They all look up at us and smile.

"Honey! Oh you're finally home! Oh Zayden! I hope you took good care of Austin! Oh.. I see you guys brought a guest.. Zayden he looks just like you. Come come sit down! Dinner will be ready in just 5 minutes!" His mom says cheerfully.

"Actually.. I'm here because I need to talk to you and your husband.. You see.. I'm.. Im also Austin's and Zayden's mate." I say bluntly.

His mom's jaw drops as well as his whole family. My little one giggles and turns a bright red. I smile down at him nervously and take his hand in mine.

"Great! Now I have to make sure 2 men don't hurt my brother! Just fantastic!" His older brother yells. I chuckle and look over at him

"I will never hurt this beautiful angel. Not intentionally." I say serious and truthfully.

After a couple of what seems like hours, his mom comes over to me and hugs me. I stand there stun but eventually hug her back.

"You better take care of Austin. If you're anything like Zayden then I know my son is in good hands. Don't hurt my baby"

"Mom!!" Austin yells embarrassed. I spank his ass gently and look down at him.

"Hey! That's you're mother. Don't raise your voice at her" I say to him and kiss the top of his head.

"I like you already! Now please come and sit. Welcome to the family." His father says as he pays my back.

Dinner goes wonderfully and I can't help but feel at home already. Nothing could ruin this. My life seemed like it was back on track.

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