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These are topics that have to do with WrittenInAction, but I shoved them all in a page so that I don't have too many random pages. :) But they're titled for convenience.



There are many campaigns here on Wattpad, and if you have any trouble trying to place a sticker on your story - this chapter is dedicated to help you in the simplest way possible.

The easiest (and most recommended) way to add a sticker to your story:


First, go to www.picmonkey.com or google Picmonkey if you cannot find it. Once the site comes up, there should be a row at the top of the site with the buttons EDIT, TOUCH UP, DESIGN, and COLLAGE.

Click on the button that says EDIT, and then proceed to choose the image file of your cover from your computer.

After you do that, it should take you to the editing page. Ignore most of the things to the side, and instead focus on the BUTTERFLY icon to your left. This is the overlay icon. Click on it.

Select the button at the top of the box that says "Your Own" and choose the file you downloaded previously of the sticker you'd like to add to your story.

This can be any sticker of a campaign here on Wattpad that your story fits into. If you're joining this movement, it'd be the purple #WrittenInAction sticker.

Once you select that, the sticker should pop up onto your cover.

At this point you may make the sticker larger by dragging the corner of the sticker away from it's main place or make it smaller by dragging the corner towards it's main point. Rotate the sticker, move it around - you can place the sticker anywhere.

After you are satisfied with your cover, choose the save button at the top of your editing screen and save the cover unto your computer.

Then, just upload it to your Wattpad story and voila, you now have participated in a campaign!

Any questions? PM me or write them below.


if you never received a response from us for a long time, please refer to this page;

Hey everyone!

Sometimes I don't have the time to check the tag #WrittenInAction anymore because of how many stories are in there. But that's definitely not a bad thing, and I'm so thankful that we've come so far.

So I turned to private messaging to hear from anyone new to our community, and it's been working out pretty great lately. Many people have been messaging me their stories and I've added them to my reading list and everything has been fine.

HOWEVER, there has been an issue coming up when I get sent messages and sometimes my account never shows them until the user sends a second (or even a third) message. This is a problem because I rely on PM to answer any questions that people have on this campaign and also to help our community grow.

If any of you guys sent me a message a while ago and never received a reply or a response of some sort (i.e your story being added to a list), that might mean that your message was never seen because of the odd glitch that happens on Wattpad sometimes.

I'd really appreciate it if you would just send me a small message again, so that I can finally reply to you guys! I would never intentionally ignore your messages, and I read through every single one of them, so please don't feel your story is inadequate if it isn't added to a reading list.

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