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Tsuna had repeated everything G. said over the earpiece to the group as they listened closely. When he had finished, he looked up at Giotto ready for their next move.

"Is that all?" Giotto asked.

"Yes, that's everything." Tsuna replied. Giotto nodded and sorted everything together in his head before coming to a decision.

"Alright, we'll head out tomorrow." Giotto announced.

"Tomorrow?" Tsuna questioned.

"Yes, we'll all need to be rested when we head out to their main base." Giotto explained. "We've been working all day today and need a good rest, besides, it's gotten rather late."

It was now dark outside, and Tsuna wasn't the only one who was tired. The group had to deal with the fake shadow base, the giant mosca, and went through training, and overall they were exhausted. 

"The best thing we can do for now is to regain our strength so we can hit them strong tomorrow." Ugetsu added.

"I guess you're right." Tsuna commented and yawned, finally realizing how tired he was.

"I'm sure G. and Gokudera can handle themselves for one more night." Yamamoto smiled.

Tsuna nodded in agreement and decided to go up to his/Giotto's room to rest.

He waved goodnight and went up the stairs and into his bedroom. He lied down on his side of the bed and looked up at the ceiling.

"So tomorrow's the day, huh." Tsuna mumbled to himself.

"We'll rescue Gokudera and G., stop the shadows and return home, I'm sure of it."

He thought about the next day for a few more minutes before he heard the bedroom door open to reveal Giotto. He smiled and walked over to the bed, laying on his side and resting his hands behind his head.

"Are you worried about tomorrow?" Giotto asked.

"I just want my friends to be safe so we can return home together, all of us."

Giotto smiled.

"You really care for them, don't you."

"Of course I do." Tsuna replied. "Without them, I'd just be no-good Tsuna, and maybe I still am, but at least now I have something I can fight for and want to protect."

"Sometimes it can be the willpower alone that decides whether you win or lose."

It was silent for a few moments as the two of them thought for a bit.

"Hey, Giotto." Tsuna started.


"Do you think the shadow base has an answer for how we can return to the future?"

Giotto thought for a bit.

"Maybe, if the Mosca they have if from the future then that means the must know something about time-travel." He answered.

Tsuna hummed an agreement and thought some more.

"I'm still not sure how we even came here in the first place." Tsuna added.

"From what I can gather from it, it seems like the Vongola rings summoned your family here."

"The rings summoned us?" Tsuna asked confused.

"The rings can be mysterious beings sometimes. I think I have a pretty good idea why they chose your family to bring here."

"Really? Why?"

Giotto chuckled and continued looking up at the ceiling.

"But then again, this is all just a hypothesis, it might not be true at all."


"For now, the only thing we need to be focusing on is sleeping."

"Giotto..." Tsuna pouted, not liking how Giotto avoided telling him anything.

"Don't worry, I'm sure in time you will find out for yourself why you're here and how you and your family can return." Giotto said and smiled softly at his descendant.

Tsuna watched Giotto for a bit and wondered if he should try to get Giotto to explain, but decided not to bug him about it anymore.

"You know, I still can't get over how similar your Guardians are to mine." Giotto chuckled.

"Is that a good thing?" Tsuna joked and smiled.

"Well, I know I like my Guardians, so I would think you like yours as well."

Tsuna smiled.

"I wouldn't ask for anyone different." He replied as he thought about all the memories he's had with them. They've gone through good and bod times, happy and sad, peaceful and intense, but no matter what was happening, they stayed together as a family and protected each other. Tsuna was happy to have a family like them and was willing to do anything to keep it that way.

"You seem like a good boss." Giotto smiled.

"W-well, I wouldn't say boss." Tsuna replied. He never wanted to be boss of the Vongola Family to begin with and somehow he had gotten himself mixed up with the family. He did have blood of the Vongola Family running through him, so he guessed he couldn't avoid it anyway.

"I know." Giotto replied and moved his hands out from under his head.

"I think it's time we get some sleep." Giotto added.

"Alright." Tsuna replied and yawned once more before getting underneath the covers and closing his eyes. He began to drift off into sleep, knowing that tomorrow was going to be the toughest day since they have arrived in the past.


Next chapter yay!  Sorry it's short, but more importantly,

sorry I haven't updated in so long >.< I feel bad for not updating sooner, and this chapter doesn't have any action in it, but I've just been so worried about the next few chapters, its basically all going to be action-fighting-infiltrate the shadow base and destroy kind of thing and I'm not sure where I'm going to go with it or how I'm going to describe it or what they characters are even going to even do!

Aghh, I still feel bad for not updating, these next few chapters are probably going to be the toughest ones to write.

I won't give up though, I'm going to use my own quote against me:

"Sometimes it can be the willpower alone that decides whether you win or lose."

I will do my best! *strikes a pose*

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