i slowly opened her room door and she was sitting on the bed, looking at the picture of me when i was younger. i smiled softly, "i would've been happier if that was you with me." i said as she looked at another picture of me and terry when i was little.

"you're gonna leave me." was all she said to make me sit down next to her and know that this is definitely serious.

"what are you talking about?" i said, trying to understand.

"face it sam! you have your kids and selena. i'm just another bump in the road that you can't wait to get rid of."

i chuckled, "are you crazy? mom i love you. i would never leave you. no matter what. mom you know what would happen if it came down to it." i said, taking her hand into my own.

"what would happen sam? if you had to...choose."

my mouth went dry at her words.

i looked down at my hands and fiddled with them, "you...i'd choose you." i said hoarsely.

when her hands landed on my own and i looked up to meet her eyes, her warm smile enveloped me.

"i'd choose you too. over anyone. ezra. anything." she said quietly to me.

i grinned and hugged her close to me, "i love you mom."

"i love you too samantha." she kissed the top of my head and there was a knock at the door.

when we pulled apart i saw karlie and smiled, "hey. what's up?"

she shrugged, "nothing. just wondering if i could maybe talk to your mom?"

i looked at mom and she was smiling at karlie.

"sure karls."

"i'll be downstairs. i love you." i kissed her forehead and left the room.

taylor pov

"what's up?" i asked karlie.

karlie pov

this is it. i have to tell taylor.

"tay um...i really have no idea how to tell you this." i said, feeling sweat building up.

"karlie you know you can tell me anything. come on. you can trust me." she said and took my hand and it shot sparks throughout my body.

"uh. um well. taylor...i am...i'm gay."

she stared at me and giggled lightly, "okay?"

i sighed, "no you don't understand. i am gay yes. but i am also...in love with you..."

when i said those words her face drained of color, "you're what?"

i sighed and sat down, "i am in love with you. i don't understand. it just...it just happened taylor. you're just so...so perfect and i couldn't control myself. when i held you last month? when you hold my hand. i just...i really want to kiss you." i said, staring straight at her lips.

she let out a squeak.

"then do it." she whispered and i shot my eyes up to her own.

"kiss me." she clarified.

i trembled, nervously and i slowly leaned into her lips.

i cupped her cheek with my hand and taylor's eye drifted shut.

this is it. this is the moment i have been waiting for.

i leaned in closer, stopping to feel taylor's hot breath on my lips.

i closed my eyes at this point and let my heart do it.

my lips came in contact with taylor's, sending butterflies free in my stomach, fluttering all around.

taylor pov

once karlie's lips hit my own, i felt like i was on cloud 9.

our lips moved in perfect sync. as if they were made for each other. like a glove.

my heart was pounding against my chest and i had no idea i felt like this towards karlie kloss. my best friend.

when karlie pulled away i stared at her in utter shock.

she smiled nervously and then i whispered out, "that was..."

"wrong? i know. i'm sorry. i will go-"

"no." i said and grabbed her arm before she got to leave.

she turned around and i stood up and captured her lips with mine in a much harder and needy kiss.

all sorts of fireworks burst inside of me.

karlie answered my kiss and when i pulled away i smiled at her, resting my forehead on hers, "don't go. i liked it. i loved it." i said and karlie's frown turned into a wide, toothy grin and her jungle green eyes lit up.


i giggled and nodded, "really."

"but..what about sam?"

i sighed, "sam can't know. not yet. she will freak out. i know how overprotective she is. we need to give it time...if you're willing?"

karlie nodded, "i'd do anything for you swizzle."

i smiled and wrapped my arms around her neck and karlie put her hands on my hips, kissing me passionately.

i think now i'm finally clean...


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