All of a sudden I heard two shots..... I felt one of them..... In my back. I laid on the ground feeling lifeless....... Everything went black.


{Roc's P.O.V. ~ Unknown Time ~ Unknown Place}

Where am I? "Hello Chresanto." I heard a soft voice speak. "H-hi, who's there?" I'm so confused. "I'm Breyana, your guardian angel." What the? "What are you talking about?" I asked. "Look down Roc." Breyana said. "Is that me?" I asked with confusion and fright. "Yes.... That's you. Now, I need you to get back down there." "I can't. The one person I live for doesn't feel the same..... I have nothing to live for." I said as tears began to form in my eyes. My 'guardian angel' grabbed me by my shoulders and shook me. "Look down there again. What do you see?" I sighed. "Me." "Yes that's you.....Look closer. What else do you see?" What is this crazy chick talking about? "I don't see anything else." I said with frustration. "Exactly. That's because you're living in the past. Get over it. Prince will soon realize you two are meant for each other." Maybe she's right....... "I just can't face Prince........" I thought for a couple of seconds and said, "Shouldn't I be dead? I got shot in the spine." "You'll never know unless you go back down there. I'll be there with you every step of the way." "You're right" I said. She smiled, "I know." She winked and began to walk away. "WAIT!" I yelled. "How can I get in touch with you again?" I asked my guardian angel. "Just say my name. Anytime you need to talk just say my name. I might come down in different bodies. Beware." She said as she winked again and began to walk away again. "WAIT!" I yelled again. "You know you're really ruining this dramatic moment." She said and laughed. "Sorry, I just forgot one thing." "And what is that?" I ran up to her and hugged her. "That." She kissed my cheek. "Bye Roc." And with that she was gone and I was back on Earth......

{Princeton's P.O.V. ~ 2am ~ Conjunction House}

I was in my bed crying and thinking of Roc..... He's probably dead..... I was almsot asleep when Keisha busted through my door out of breath and told me to get dressed and meet her in the SUV. 10 minutes later, everyone was in the truck confused. "What's going on?!" Kenneth yelled. "I'll explain soon! We need to hurry!" Is it about Roc? Five minutes later we were at the hospital. Papparazzi followed us in but Kenneth and the security guards got them out. "Keisha what's wrong?!" Ray yelled. "I-it's Roc!" My heart dropped. "D-Desiree kidnapped him and she shot him in the spine! He's in ICU right now." I felt my heart split in half as I began to cry and cry and cry. The love of my life could possibly die because of me..... Next time I see Desiree that bitch is going down. I don't him females but, it's time to break my moral code......... And the law.

{5 Hours Later}

"I need the family of Chresanto August." We heard a doctor say. "That's us!" Keisha yelled. "I have bad news and good news." The doctor said. "Good news first!" I screamed. He laighed and said, "Okay. The good news is Chresanto is alive..... Barely, but he's alive." I was instantly happy. Knowing my baby was alive was good enough for me. "The bad news is, as you know he was shot in the spine so, uh, he's paralyzed..... From the waist down. We can't tell if he may ever be able to walk again. Also, the bullet destroyed the most important nerves in the nervous system so he has to re-learn how to talk, breathe, think, just do normal human things..... This process isn't easy. This could take months, possibly years." My heart broke. "If he has to learn how to breathe again how is he still alive?" Ray asked with confusion. "He's in critical condition. He's in a coma so we have him on oxygen right now." The doctor said. I just shake my head, lay on the floor and begin to cry.

{Prodigy's P.O.V. ~ 7:05am ~ The Hospital}

My eyes began to water as every word left the doctor's mouth. The guilt was eating me up. I regret saying those harsh things about Roc & Prince.

{3 Hours Later}

{Princeton's P.O.V. ~ 10am ~ The Hospital}

I was sitting in the chair thinking about everything. I wanted to cry..... But I couldn't..... There weren't any tears left......... The same doctor that told us the horrible news came back out and sat in the chair next to Keisha and sighed, "I think it's best you guys leave. I can see this is really hurting you guys. Just go home, pray, and get some rest." Keisha sighed. "You're right." And with that we left. The whole car ride was silent and for the rest of that day....... Everyone in the house was silent........


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