5- Kiss and Forget

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Writers Note: I changed the cover because why not? I think this one suits the story better because it shows the McCall house, which brought all our (main) characters together. The other one was just a collage of photos and it was literally driving me insane.

Lydia's POV

I wake up to a loud noise. I look over at my alarm clock, which is going off. I groan and shut it off. It's seven and school starts at eight. I groan and get up.

I walk out of my room and almost bump into Stiles. He smirks at me and I arch a brow at him. "What?" I huff. He shrugs, bites into his apple, and jogs downstairs. I roll my eyes and go into the bathroom to take a shower.

When I step in to the small room I lock the door and turn the water on. When it turns warm, I pull the little lever and the water spurts out of the shower head.

I take my clothes off and step into the shower. I close the glass door behind me.

I have to be quick because Isaac and Allison have to take their showers too. I grab the shampoo and squirt some onto my hair. I massage it into my hair and rinse it off. I look down and notice that the soap is red. What?

I quickly get out of the shower and wrap a towel around my body. I look into the mirror and notice that my wet hair, that is usually brown when wet, is now tinted red.

"Stiles!" I scream.

I clutch the towel to my body as I storm out of the bathroom. I find Stiles putting on his shoes in his room. He looks up at me and smirks.

"What the hell did you do to my shampoo?" I yell.

"I don't know," He chuckles, "What did I do to it, Lydia?" Stiles gets up and leaves his room. I stomp my foot and go back into my room.

Allison's picking out her clothes when I enter. She looks at me and smiles. "Morning Lydia," She chirps. I point to my hair.

"Do you see this? Look at my hair!" I squeal. She looks at my hair and furrows her eyebrows.

"What's wrong with it?"

"It's red!" I exclaim and look at myself in the mirror on the dresser.

"But your hair is red...?"

"Never mind, just go so I can change," I sigh exasperatedly. She rolls her eyes but leaves.

I put my hair in a towel while I get dressed. I throw on a floral shirt that touches my thighs and a pair of skinny jeans. I grab my blow dryer and let down my hair. I look at the white towel and notice red dye spotted all over it. That son of a bitch.

I dry my hair and when I finally am done, I look in the mirror. My hair isn't my usual strawberry blonde color. It's a lot redder. I groan and rub my face. I don't have fucking time to wash this shit out.


Isaac's POV

I wake up and notice a face is buried in my chest. I look down at the brown haired idiot that's snoring. I start to get up but I'm pulled back by his arms. His head rests on my chest once more.

Scott groans. "Don't go," He mumbles, "Five more minutes." I blush lightly but nod.

I must've fell asleep while he was holding me last night because I don't remember crawling into bed. And I'd certainly remember if he got into bed with me too.

Not like that you dirty minded freak.

Allison barges into the room and Scott throws the blankets over his head. "Go away," He tells her. Allison rolls her eyes and looks at me.

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