Act One: The Beginning

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The in the Dark Ninja Youtuber
Surprise! Alien Robots
Bruised Bones and Introductions
Oh Dear Primus! It's a Scraplet!
Scraplet Attack
I'll See You Again
Kicking Aft and Getting In Trouble
Mystery Femmes
The Tattoo
Returning Wrecker
Scary Movie Marathon
Christmas With the Bots
The Reliquary of Lost Sparks and the Birthday Party
It All Falls Apart
Scouting With Jackie
Deadly Circumstances and Bots in Distress
What Is She!?
Fallen Sick
Getting Better
The Almost Demise of Breakdown
Arachnid's Insecticon Brute
Nemesis Prime
The Death of Silas
Demon Ship

A Little Echo [Bonus Chapter]

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