Chapter Twenty-Eight: Decade

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Rogue's POV

Kagura ran up to the water, slipping off her shoes and socks and dipped her toes into the water for a split second. She shivered immediately. "It's so cold!" She yelped and drawed back instantly. I tried to surpress a small laugh.

Kagura cautiously put her whole foot in the water and began jumping up and down like a child, slightly damping her clothing. I had to admit, she looked absolutely adorable.

"Join me!" She shouted playfully at me. I smiled and just obliged, slipping off my socks and shoes aswell.

I ran up to her and she greeted me with a splash of water she had scooped up with her delicate hands.
"Hey! What was that for?" I yelled at her playfully, fixing my now slightly damp hair and tossed my coat far enough away so it wouldn't get wet.

"Because..." She shrugged in reply as she smiled innocently before reaching out and scooping up more water ultimately splashing me with it.

"I'm going to get you back for that!" I began to chase her and she ran back to land.
"Come here!" I yelled again playfully, still chasing after the gravity mage.

Kagura stopped suddenly. I, not expecting it, I crashed right into her, making the both of us fall onto the soft sand.
I ended up falling on top of her, but was elevated enough on my arms so I wasn't completely resting on her

I blushed a dark crimson. "Sorry." I gave a small and awkward laugh.
"It's okay..." She blushed in return.

Neither one of us moved though. So instead, I moved myself slightly forward so I was looking her directly in the eye.
We both smiled and I leaned in to kiss her.

We stayed like that for quite awhile before I got off her and layed down next to her.

She smiled and turned to me, swinging her leg to wrap around mine and put one of her arms on my chest, closing any space between us.

Moment passed. "I love you. I really do." I whispered.
"You do now, huh?" She smiled before kissing my cheek gently.
"I'm glad we came here... to spend time with eachother." I looked at her, striking her a gentle and meaningful smile.

She nodded before pressing her face into my shoulder.

"Well..." Her voice was muffled, "I love you alot too, you know?"
"Well isn't that perfect." I shut my eyes and held her close. "We both love eachother alot.
"We sure do." Her voice trailed off, seemingly different.

I took notice to this and asked, "Are you alright?"

She didn't answer until a few moments after.

"Kagura!" I shook her, opening my eyes.

"Rogue." She looked at me, her eyes looking somewhat clouded.
"What is it?" I asked, nervousness coursing through my voice.
"I'm going on a S-Class mission..." She said, her voice growing quiet.
"What kind?"
"A decade one.
"A decade one?!" My jaw dropped. I couldn't stand not seeing her for ten years.
"Yes, a decade quest." She said in a nonchalant tone, acting as if it were no big deal.
"I won't see you for ten years?" My voice rang with terrible shakiness.
"You won't be seeing me for approximately ONE year." She corrected.

I was nothing but dumbfounded.

"It won't take me long to complete a decade quest." She simply shrugged. "It's only a year."

"Yes, exactly what I want. A year without you." My voice was heavily coated in sarcasm.

"Rogue." She shook me. "If I don't come back within a year... It most likely means I'm dead."

Shivers ran down my spine at the thought of Kagura lying in the dank and dirty ground, dead. I began to shake uncontrollably, it's like the thought of her dead caused a earthquake inside me.

"W-What's the mission about?" I tried making my voice clear, but I failed miserably.

"You shouldn't worry about it." She tried cracking a smile to lighten the mood.

I sighed. "What do you mean I shouldn't? I should. I want to keep you safe. I want you to be safe. I just can't stand the thought of you dying! You should know that, Kagura."

"Fine." She shut her eyes in exasperation. It was obvious she didn't want to tell me what the mission was, but I needed to know.

"All I need to do is restore the peace in this one town that's quite large. Larger than Magnolia but more hidden." She bit her lip.

"And what do you have to do to achieve that?" I asked in concern.

"I have to eradicate the dark guilds within the town and remove any of the hostile monsters that lurk the town."

"Are the dark guilds strong?"

"I'm not quite sure myself, but they were said to be quite powerful and have quite the intelligence in their hands."

"What about the monsters?"

"They are said to range from B-Class to S-Class."

"How many are there?"

"I don't know, actually. But I assume there's at least a forest full."

"Kagura." Was all I managed to say.

"What is it?" She was acting as if everything was normal.

I wondered, 'Has she really done that many decade quests? She's acting as if this is normal, as if it were what she did every time.'

"Are you seriously going to do all of that alone?" I shook my head, having a hard time swallowing the information.

"Yes, I've actually had worse in the past." She shrugged yet again and opened her sharp and beautiful eyes.

"Like what?" I trembled.

"It's nothing of your concern." She pushed herself off of me, standing up.

"If I survive the quest..." She turned so she wasn't facing me, "I hope to do this again with you. I truly did enjoy spending this time with you."

"Can't you stay any longer?" I pleaded, sitting up.

"No, I can't. I need to begin preparing. I apologize." And she began to walk off.

I immediately stood up and ran in front of her. I wrapped her up in my arms, letting them tighten around her waist, and held her close. "Stay safe, please." I shut my eyes, enjoying our closeness.
I felt her nod.

Moments past and my eyes opened once more after I gave her one final kiss before I let her go.

"I love you." She whispered and she began to start walking away.



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