Component 24 - Sands of Starr

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"That little wretched thief!" Gonzeelda hissed through her teeth, as she roughly pulled the blue child along behind her.

"W-who?" Tricia asked.

"That damn Monkeytoes!" Gonzeelda grumbled, shoving an elven man out of the way. He cursed at her, but she could've cared less.

"But Ramona Monkeytoes was nice!" Tricia whimpered. "Please don't hurt her!"

Gonzeelda stopped and looked back at the young hag. For a moment, she wanted to smack her across her pretty little face. But in their short time together, Gonzeelda had grown fond of the little runt. Plus, she needed her nice and happy so she would use magic at her command—And that command would be to strike the Halfling thief with a bolt of lightning.

"You won't hurt her, will you?" Tricia asked, pulling on Gonzeelda's wrist.

The orcess growled and shook her head, looking away. Her urge to smack the child was rising. But she bit her tongue so hard she tasted blood.

"Mommy?" Tricia asked again.

"I won't hurt her on one condition!" Gonzeelda finally grumbled. "If she gives my Beauty back without a missing piece!"

"What's a Beauty?" Tricia asked.

Gonzeelda rolled her eyes. "My coin pouch." She lied. "I named her Beauty."

"Okay! Yay!" Tricia cheered, jumping up and down.

The orc woman didn't share in her joy however, because she spotted something strange in the crowd of the street. A tall man with a top hat was standing near a merchant's stand, but he wasn't looking over the seller's wares; he was staring straight at Gonzeelda and wasn't trying to hide it.

"Fetter." The orc rogue said under her breath. "Come on, Tricia."

Gonzeelda yanked Tricia so hard, she flew off her feet and landed hard on the dirt-crusted road. Immediately, the girl turned on her waterworks, drawing stares from all directions.

"That orc just hurt that little girl!" Came a man's outraged bark.

Another person cried out. "Why that orc is kidnapping her, isn't she?"

"That girl's blue, mommy!" A child's voice rang above the rest. "What does that make her?"

"I think she's a hag! A hag has entered Skeanda!"

"Someone do something!"

"Get the guards!"

"Guards! There's an orc and a hag causing trouble in Merchant's Row!"

Gonzeelda slapped her palm over her face and sighed. "Torchwood, why do you do this to me?"

The orcess duckced down and swooped Tricia off the ground, who still was crying. And taking a step back, she burst into a sprint towards the western edge of town.

Cries followed them, and it was all Gonzeelda could do to run. It didn't help the blue girl was crying her eyes out. There would be no place to hide as long as she continued.

"Shh!" Gonzeelda pulled Tricia close to her chest. "Please keep your crying down. These people mean to hurt us!"

That caught Tricia's attention, who sniffled.

"Run mommy, run!" She whined.

The orcess didn't need told by Tricia, she knew what danger they were in. If the guard caught them, they'd be held long enough until Gus the Walking God showed up to claim her—Then what would happen to Tricia? From the sounds of the townsfolk and their anger at a hag being in their city, it wouldn't be good.

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