Percy Jackson x reader | OH MY GODS HE LIKES ME

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your POV

"(Y/n), (y/n) wake up."

"Ugh, five more minutes, mom."

"(Y/n) Clovis is stealing the last pizza slice."

I sit straight up in my bed, "come back here you little rat you promised me id get the last slice." I say looking around in search for the criminal.

"Where's Clovis?"

"Sorry (y/n) I just said that to wake you up, our pizza isn't in danger." An anonymous voice says.

Looking up I see the voice belongs to Percy.

"You woke me up just to say that?" I ask still groggy from sleep.

"Yeah sorta...," he says nervously," oh I um got your something."

From behind his back he brings out a Bouquet of flowers.

"Their gorgeous, but why today?"

"Well you see, um I have uh liked you for a long time,and I was uh wondering if you wanted to um go on a date with me?" Percy says all blushing.


Stay cool (y/n) I think to my self.

"I-Id Lo-ove to." I say stuttering.

Wow way to keep it cool.

"Your cute when your flustered."


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Ok so this was the  first one shot
That I ever wrote I had posted in a Valentines imagines story but I'm reposting it here because I deleted that sorry, I rewrote some parts of it so it would fit into this story.
Until later, Adieu


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