We have been dating for 3 and a half months now, and it has been nothing short of amazing. I still work and go to school so whenever one of us gets time off we make it our business to see one another. So far every time we hung out it was just the two of us but this weekend I am finally going to meet his family and friends. I'm not nervous about how they are going to feel about me. Usually my boyfriend's friends and family loves me. So I was just hoping for the same reaction.

I have been nagging everyone trying to figure out what I was going to wear. A cute dress, sweater and sandals is all I could could up with. I ran the flat iron through my hair and the pressing comb through my edges, before slicking them down and  putting my scarf on. I  was told to be ready by 2 and it's going on 2:30 and Christian is not here giving me more time to get my self together.

Since I was done getting ready I decided to just chill until he got there. I was scrolling on facebook minding  my own business when I got a text from an unknown number.

Miss me?
Umm first of all, for you to be missed I'd  have to know who you are, I replied.
Damn that's  fucked up, I bet you miss this D tho.
When you text someone and they don't know who you are you should then proceed to give them your name, so again WHO IS THIS? I was definitely annoyed now.
Its Calvin.
Oh, I thought you died.
I died, what do you mean?
Yeaa died, meaning I haven't spoken to you in months, so I'm quite surprised to hear from you.
Oh well come on now girl you know how it is, I've been in the studio.
I hope that's not supposed to be your excuse as to why I ain't received a text or call from you. But you know what it doesn't matter anyway, I'm in a relationship now.
A relationship?  With who?, he asked.
I didn't answer, I'll be damned if I explain myself to a nigga who can't be real with himself let alone me. I mean come on we went on a few dates and whatnot but he didn't hold my attention and then  deliberately pulled a no call no show.
Now he has the nerves to keep calling and calling. And I kept pressing ignore on his ass. I simply sent him a text telling him there's no need to worry about it and deleted his number from my phone. Jokes on him though.

I stepped out on the balcony to smoke the half of blunt I left in my ashtray last night. I hit the blunt a few tines then went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my hands. Once I was done I sprayed myself with my coconut and lime body spray from bath & body works. Staring in the mirror I chuckled to myself thinking,  how I will never understand why guys think its okay to go missing in action. Then have the nerves to hit you up like everything's all good. Its just baffling to me. Just when I was about to pour me some juice my phone rung, Christian was finally here.

Hey, what happened to 2 O'clock?, I asked jokingly.
Yeaa sorry about that, my brother Kendrick and his friend Jason wanted me to pick them up and take them to Jason's house. But I'm coming, I should be there in like 30 minutes. I told them I'd take them after I pick you up.
Oh ok well, I've been ready just waiting on you.
Ohok, well it won't be for much longer, I'll call you when I'm outside.

15 minutes later, I was getting in the car. I  bet you weren't ready by 2 tho?, Kendrick said. Almost, I just had to fix my hair, I said causing everyone to bust up laughing. Females, Kendrick mumbled. Yeaa they always have you waiting. Jason said.Who's fault is it that guys don't take pride in their appearance? Y'all  just roll out of bed, throw on anything that matches and walk out the door. Ahaha that's so true they said in unison. I like her CJ, she's coo as fuck, Kendrick yelled over the music.

Christian just sat back watching us interact. I guess that was our way of bonding, because we didn't stop ragging on each other. They were just so easy to mess with, plus they kept me laughing the whole ride to Jason's house. When we pulled up I was hesitantly got out of the car, there were so many niggas standing around outside. Christian came over to see if I was alright, noticing I wasn't beside him. Babe you coming, what's wrong? Umm nothing, I'm okay I mumbled glancing at the crowd of people by the front door. He followed my eyes and smirked, what are you nervous about?, he questioned wrapping his arms around my waist. I glared at him for a minute contemplating whether or not I was going to lie and say it was nothing. Just a little bit, I'm just in a new area and I don't know anyone over there, I spoke up. You have nothing to worry about, you're with me and we know everybody that live on this block. I looked up and down the street and began to search his eyes for something that I knew wasn't there. I cracked a small smile knowing I could trust him. Okay, lets go, he grabbed my hand and led me across the street.
You alright sis, Kendrick asked. Yeaa I'm good, I just need to smoke real quick to simmer my nerves. Wait hold up,  you smoke? Yea I do, and no I'm not no damn social smoker either. I would rather smoke by myself than with a bunch  of people. You roll? Yes I ain't no pro but I  know how to make it work. Its all good, Jason bout to roll up in a sec. Coo, can I use the bathroom?  Yeaa when you walk in the house follow the straight path and its at the end of the hallway.
Okay thanks, and off to the bathroom I went. I finished my business threw some water on my face dried it and headed outside.

We chilled over there for an hour and then headed to his parents house. Kendrick opted to come even though  he hasn't seen or talked to their parents in months either. I guess both brothers have some issues with how their parents dealt with them. And from what I  was told they seemed like pretty strict parents. Thinking about that only made me more nervous but excited in a way. Maybe I can help getting them to understand where their parents are coming from and vice versa.
Whatever the case may be I hope it all goes well.

We took century to western and then hit a corner on 76th. I've never really paid attention to this side of western and it was such a middle class area. Christian had told me that a lot of these people on their block have been living there for years. There were kids playing outside and everything. We hoped out the car and goofing around until we got to the door. I noticed Christian standing off to the side so I approached him with a concerned smile. Are you okay?
Yea I'm good, he replied trying to conceal his emotions.
As I laid my head on my chest and wrapped my arms around his waist, Everything's going to be fine, I promise.

Another knock  and we could hear shuffling on the other side of the door. Someone peered through the curtains and we all waved awkwardly.
The door opened and the first thing we heard was Oh my word, is that who I think it is? Come over here and give yo mama some love, she yelled grabbing hold of both Kendrick and Christian excitedly. And who is this  beautiful girl?
Umm mom this is my girlfriend Ashlee, Ashlee this is my mom He stated dully. I shot him a look and reverted my attention back to his mom. Hi Mrs. Johnson, it's so nice to finally meet you, I spoke as I reached out for a hand shake.

Girl get over here and give me some sugar. Any girl  that could bring both of my boys to see me is all right with me, she proclaimed squeezing me in a bear hug. Where are my manners come inside, she squealed closing the door behind us. Donald get in here, Kenny and Chris are home. What are you yelling for, I was wondering who's car it was parked in my driveway, Mr. Johnson said as he lightly limped in the living room. We sat on the couch like strangers in someone's house for the first time. Hello son, he said not refering to anyone particular. After having a staring contest with them, he noticed me siting next to Christian, yet still didn't speak. He just slowly turned and walked away, not saying a peep. I had been watching him closely and his outer appearance fit his demeanor perfectly. Dark, mean and agitating. Christian's mom seems like such a happy go lucky person how the hell did she end up with his old spiteful ass. Don't mind him y'all the Lakers lost to the Celtics today, she chimed in after noticing the blank looks on my face. I just smiled at her, there was nothing to say after that.

We ended up staying for dinner and Mr. Johnson still hadn't returned. Mrs. Johnson or should I say Ms. Elaine showed me all of Christian's baby pictures, gushing over how cute he was. I mean she was giving me the scoop on all of the funny stories of Ken and Chris growing up. If we have kids one day, our kids gonna be cute but bad if they are anything like Christian.
I miss those days when you guys were small, always asking me for some juice in your sippie cups. You think you could give me some grandbabies any time soon?, she questioned. I was trying so hard not to laugh, watching Christian's reaction. Now mom don't you think its a little too soon to be asking us for grandkids, Christian quized. I dont know, it depends on how long you guys been together? By this time we were all dying laughing. Ms. Elaine we haven't talked about kids yet, we've  been dating three and a half months now, I spoke up after catching my breath.
Then how come I'm just now meeting her Christian, I could've already had it figured out, she proclaimed with a serious face. See now that I could've stuff is where you went wrong,  he replied with a chuckle.
Okay, well I'll let it go for now but you won't be hearing the last of it until you do. We were having such a good time laughing and getting to know each other, it was damn near 8 O'clock when we decided to leave.  We dropped Kendrick off at his girlfriend house and shot to the nearest freeway that would get us to San Diego the fastest, with less traffic.  I can't wait till we get to the room imma just pass out on the bed. There is no place like home and home is wherever Christian is.

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