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3rd Person POV
"What did I do?!" Natsu yelled. Master Markarov shook his head sadly.
"Why did you have to kill them Natsu?"
"I didn't kill anyone!" Natsu yelled again.
"Sorry Natsu. That's not what we saw." Lucy said from behind him. He spun around and met the gazes of Erza, Lucy, Gray, and Happy.
"I'm telling you that wasn't even enough firepower in that blast to hurt anyone. Gray stepped forward.
"That's not what I felt." Gray had been standing nearby and had felt the power of the blast."You went completely overboard with the force you put behind that roar."
"You remember the rule of this guild. You are excommunicated from Fairy Tail for killing." Natsu growled when his guild mark faded away.
"Fine! But don't expect to see me anytime soon." And with that, he left. Markarov shook as he climbed onto the stage. Everyone in the guild quieted and looked at him.
"Natsu is officially excommunicated from Fairy Tail."


A black and blue dragon roared as Tenrou Island was enveloped in a pitch black explosion. When the blast faded, the island was nowhere in sight. Another roar rang out as a man in a red and black cloak stood on the beach alone, silent tears falling fast down his face. 'I will keep the guild alive,' he thought to himself. 'For all of you. Fairy Tail will be here when you come back.' With a swish of his fiery red and black cloak, he headed off towards Magnolia, home of the fairies.

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