Love Conquers All

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This story is written by Omnom_Sisters and GuitarKissez and is based off of multiple Taylor Swift songs such as You Belong With Me, Love Story, Mary's Song, Innocent, and Tim McGraw. Enjoy! :)



Mary’s POV

    “Mary! Start cleaning up your play dough! You have a play date soon!” Mommy shouted from the kitchen window.

    My head perked up. A play date! I dropped my play dough sculpture on the table, quickly descended the ladder and ran into the kitchen.

    “A play date? With who? With who?” I asked, jumping up and down. My blond curls bounced on my little shoulders.

    She chuckled, a light in her eyes brightening her stressed, flour-caked face. “Do you know the new neighbors next-door?”

    “Yes,” I nodded, almost bursting with excitement.

    Mommy smiled and chuckled again. She wrapped her hands around my waist and hoisted me up onto the granite counter tops. I swung my legs back and forth waiting for her response.

    “They have a son whose only a couple years older than you and they’re coming later.”

    “Really? When?” I leaned forward in anticipation.

    “In about half an hour,” She replied, grabbing me and dropping me gently on the floor, “So that means we need to change especially since now there is flour on your butt.” I twisted my head around to see the back of my dress. Surely enough, it was powdered with white flour. Mommy slipped her hand- or more like a couple fingers- into mine and I gripped them tightly as I skipped merrily to my room.  

    I exited my room all dressed up in a soft pink dress with a big, puffy tutu skirt right before the doorbell rang. “They’re here! They’re here!” I shouted, dashing to the door.

    Mommy was already at the door once I got to the front of the house. She was dressed in a casual, floral sundress with a leather belt buckled at her waist. The outfit was complete with her favorite pair of cowboy boots and a simple, silver heart necklace.

    “You look beautiful, Mommy!” I gasped.

    She let out a small chortle. “Thanks honey. You look adorable in your new dress.” With that, she opened the door to a boy a few inches taller than me flanked by his parents. He had dirty-blond hair that flopped on his forehead in the most casual way and bright blue eyes.

    “Mommy, his eyes sparkle! pretty lights!” I exclaimed, gaping at his eyes.

    “They do? I wanna see!” He demanded.

    “Here,” I said as I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the powder room. I let go of his hand to slide the pink princess step-stool in front of the sink. He stepped onto it and peered at his reflection in the mirror. A gasp escaped his thin lips. “They do! I never noticed that!”

    “Mary, honey, be polite and greet our guests.” Mommy said when she entered the powder room.

    I took a few fingers of Mommy’s left hand with one hand and the boy’s hand in the other. She led me back to the foyer where Daddy was talking to the boy’s parents.

    “Hello. I don’t think we’ve properly introduced ourselves. My name is Charlotte Parker. This is my husband, Mark, and my son...” Mrs. Parker got cut off.

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