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When Anastasia woke up, she could hear the fire cracking, and see the morning sun begin to rise. She was covered in a soft fabric, something different from what she covered herself with the night previous. The birds sang a beautiful song, one she would never have heard in the castle or in the town.

She sat up quickly, and the moment she did, she felt hands on her shoulders slowing her down.

"Not too fast. You're still recovering, you still have to rest." Lancelot's voice said, calming her slightly. She turned to see he was sat at a chair near her, as if he were waiting for her to wake. She gave him a nod and a smile and moved herself to be in a comfortable position to stay in.

Lancelot stood up and walked to the fire were a pot was currently above it, cooking what she had assumed was some kind of soup. Her suspicions were confirmed when he got a bowl and a spoon and scooped the soup from the pot into the bowl. He walked back over and handed it to her gently.

"Careful, yes? It's a little hot." He smiled.

"Thank you." She replied, bowing her head. He shook his head and laughed.

"No need to thank me, my lady." He told her as he moved the chair closer. "I went into town earlier today. There are a lot of rumors."

"Of what?" She asked. Of course, they could have been anything at this point, and she just feared that they were rumors that spoke ill of either her or of Arthur.

"They say that the prince has left the castle to search for his love. For you." He answered. She frowned. She didn't want him to look just yet, no, it was too early. Everything had just happened, for him to go searching so quickly, it was a bad idea. Especially if Arthur was set on bringing her back, she knew Uther would not take that kindly.

"Do you not want him to search for you?" Lancelot questioned as he noticed the changing expressions on her face.

"No, no, I do! My only trouble is that he seems to be rushing this. It's too little time for things to calm over, for things to heal." She explained, taking in the hot soup. She had to admit, Lancelot was a good cook.

"I understand." He smiled in response.

The next few days had passed rather quickly, and the two had begun to know each other better, and became closer friends. They shared their stories, and confessed (some) of their secrets. Anastasia had felt better now, she no longer felt the pain as she had before, and she had even gone out riding with Lancelot. She had fun, and she knew that he did too.

On occasion Lancelot would ride out to town to find out what was the word, and at the moment, it was still the awaited arrival of Arthur with 'the next queen'.

Anastasia had never seen herself as a princess, let alone a queen, and she had troubles imagining herself in this position, but she knew that if she were to stay with Arthur, that would be the case.

She was tending to Thunder when Lancelot came back, a saddle full of food, supplies, and some other things to make the time pass more comfortably. He put his horse in the small stable and gave her a smile.

"Close your eyes." He told her. She raised a brow but kept a smile.

"What are you planning on doing?" She inquired, trying to see what he held behind himself.

"It's a surprise; a present. Close your eyes or you aren't getting it." He laughed. Anastasia rolled her eyes but closed her eyes and waited for the present. She felt him place something on her head and she immediately opened her eyes and touched it, gasping slightly when she felt the silver crown.

"Lancelot, please. I can not accept this." She exclaimed, starting to take it off, but Lancelot just grinned and placed it back on her head.

"A present, my lady. For the next queen, as they call you. It would be rude not to accept a present from one of your citizens."

"Please, Lancelot. Who's to say I will even be queen--"

"It is unquestionable that Arthur will be King once Uther dies. The moment he does, there won't be a doubt he will want to marry you, and unless something happens to Arthur, princess Ros will not have the crown, who knows if she would even want it."

Ana thought about it, and he was right. Unless Ros fought Arthur for the crown, it would be him who would have it, and she knew Ros loved her brother too much to do such a thing.

"Thank you, then, Lancelot. I'm not queen yet, though, so there is no need to give such expensive presents."

"Do not worry about it, my lady. It's getting dark out, we should start our dinner and get to bed, yes?"

She gave him a smile and a nod.


They made their meal, had their laughs, and waited the next day.

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