He's.... Not real.

For ten years straight I've been telling myself this. That was the last time I saw Mr. Smirk...

Or so I thought.


(Present day) Ten years later...

What would you do if you found an oddly good looking middle aged man leaning over your bed............... Smirking at you?

You obviously scream... And that, ladies and gentlemen, was what I did. Mr. Smirk, with a bruised purple eye, hair awkwardly messy and his clothes torn, forcefully pushed a hand onto my mouth. I shoved his hand away and pulled myself backwards.

"What the-" I was cut off shortly as my head met the floor from falling. Pain progressed through my head, however I was more preoccupied at the moment as to why Mr. Smirk, my childhood imaginary friend, suddenly appeared.

"Don't scream!" Mr. Smirk frantically begged. "Don't-Venus just listen I came here-"

"You're not real," I whispered to myself crawling backwards. "You're not real!" I crawled until I met the wall.

"I'm real-very real Venus-"

"No!" I shouted. "You're not."

"Yes," he half laugh half huffed. "I am-"

"No," I shook my head.

"Listen-Venus I'm running out of time I have to tell you this-"

"Tell me nothing and get the hell out of my room!" I snapped pointing to the door. I blinked and held my breath and closed my eyes. He's not real, I told myself. "He's not real," I whispered, placing two firm hands on my ears.

I suddenly looked Mr. Smirks way and he was gone. I blinked several times, shocked and surprised. Was-was this my imagination the whole time? Or was he really there? I got up quickly and looked around. My heart was beating so hard; it felt like it was about to explode any second. Sighing out loud I laughed awkwardly and placed a shaking hand on my forehead.

"I'm going crazy.." I muttered walking over to my bed. "You're going crazy Venus.." I huffed fixing my bed.

"You're not crazy," said a voice. I looked around swiftly, but no one was there.

"Who-who's there?" I shouted. Someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around wide eyed.

"Hi," Mr. Smirk waved. "Where were we again?" He placed a finger on his mouth. "Oh yeah!" He snapped his fingers. "The part where I was just going to tell you-"

I threw a pillow in his direction. "Shut up!" I screamed. "Do you not understand get out!" I threw another. Mr. Smirk casually dodges them, but this time he looked annoyed.

"Venus!" He shouted dodging. "For crying out loud can you listen to me for one second!"

"No!" I huffed stopping for a second. "I don't want to listen to anything you have to say."

"Fine! Fine! Just great," Mr. Smirk snapped annoyed. "Go ahead don't listen," he glared. "But don't come crying to me when you're about to die."

"What?" I blinked. "What do you mean about to die?" I questioned frantically.

"This is what I've been trying to tell you," Mr. Smirk exasperatedly threw his hands in the air. "Sheesh if you listen then you wouldn't be going absolutely crazy!"

"What do you mean I'm going to die?" I stared at him. My fingers tips went cold all of a sudden.

"Venus.." He sighed. "I'm sorry..." Mr. Smirk scratched his hair. "It's all my fault," he huffed walking over to my bed. "I-screwed us both over."

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