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Pen Your Pride

Back to Konoha

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"Sakura!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Yelled the most annoying voice Sakura ever knew..... it was Ino. "Sakura ran down the step to the floor that her room was on then across the hall to Sasuke's room. "I will probley never see you again.... pink duckass head...."Sakura said walking over to his bed and placing a hand on his forehead to see that his fever was gone. She sat down on the side of his bed and bend her head down towards his. "I'll miss you Sasuke....kun."Sakura said kissing his forehead and wrapping her arms around him before she left.

Sakura walked out of his room and went towards Hinata's "Good bye Hinata....."She said leaving her friend behind in her room. Sakura walked down the last flight of stairs and towards the front door to see Kankurou. "Kankurou?"She asked looking at him... yes he still had the purple paint on his face and the outfit was the same but he towered over Sakura he was so tall. "Sakura?"Kankurou replied "Ummmm hello????"Ino said from behind the shinobi.

"Yo forehead girl let's get going."She said pulling Sakura by the hair out of the house. "Ino pig!"Sakura said getting out of her grip. "What?"Ino asked as Sakura walked over and whispered into her ear. "I'm pregnant." "WHAT?! AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! GEZZ HOW DO YOU PUT UP WITH THE BLONDE HEADED IDIOT?!"Ino yelled at what seemed to be at the top of her lungs. Which Sakura guessed to be twice the normal size due to all the yelling she dose.

Kankurou had a strange look on his face as he looked at Sakura and Ino. "Umm Kankurou-san is Gaara still Kazekage?"Sakura asked Kankurou nodded and looked Sakura down. "HEYYYY DID YOU KNOW THAT SAKURA GOT WITH THE FUTURE HOKAGE?!"Ino said in her loud voice to Kankurou. "Future Hokage?"Kankurou asked turning his attention to Sakura's rounded and larger stomach.

"SHE GOT WITH UZUMAKI NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Ino shouted as Sakura looked like she was ready to kill Ino if she did not shut her loud mouth. "Umm Sakura-san are you......"Kankurou started hoping that Sakura would understand what he was trying to ask her with out really having to say it. "Kankurou-san this is my second."Sakura said "So you already have one?"He asked as they exited the village and went back towards Konoha.

"Ummm Ino how is Tsunade holding up?"Sakura asked "She is edging closer to her end...... and soon most likely with in a year or two Naruto will be Hokage...."Ino said.  Kankurou looked towards Ino and began to smile. "You don't look like you got any stronger Ino...."He said. Ino scowled at him and continued walking. "Sakura can you go through the tree's or is it best if we travel on foot?"Kankurou asked. "We can do trees though it would be best if we try to get to Konoha before sundown and turn a two day trip into a one day."Sakura said

"Can you hold out that long Sakura?"Ino asked "Yes.... I'm not as weak as you think Ino..."She said jumping into one of the trees with Kankurou behind her followed by Ino. Sakura started off jumping onto each branch. She could tell that Kankurou stayed behind to to catch her if she fell most likely. Was her guess. Which probley was a good Idea since Sakura has not eaten much. She spent most of her time making sure every one else but herself ate.

Which was not good for her health at all. Ino watched Sakura worriedly as they continued as well as Kankurou. "Sakura-san do we need to take a break?"Kankurou asked "No.... I'm fine we need to continue."She said almost missing a tree branch.  Which really worried Ino. The sun began to set and Sakura still refused to rest.

"C'mon Sakura we have been traveling non stop for awhile you need to rest."Ino said being ignored by Sakura. Ino got next to Kankurou and said "Are you really going to let her continue?" "I have no choice..... Sakura is stubburn and she if she refuses you know she won't stop until she reaches her breaking point."He said with a sigh.

"C'mon Sakura it's night now...... rest!"Ino said. "We have been traveling about 8 hours straight now. Your acting like Naruto was on the way to Oto......" "One more hour!"Sakura said receiving sighs from Kankurou and Ino. "I heard from Hinata that Sasuke collapsed from work and Sakura took care of him non-stop, and has barely ate anything...."Ino said to Kankurou. "If she is expecting she needs to take better care of herself I've been telling Temari that ever since her and Shikamaru got married and he moved to Sand with us."Kankurou said

"Temari-san is expecting?"Ino asked "No.... she just dose not take care of herself anymore she pays more attention to her husband and the villages children than anything else......."He said  as another hour began to pass and Sakura started to slowly slow down every 10 minutes or so until Ino got Kankurou to get her down. "Now we will continue tomorrow Sakura. Okay."Ino said "What ever Ino pig. Thank you Kankurou-san."She said

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