Blame it on the Alcohol

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This week was alcohol awareness week at McKinley.

~Glee Club~

"You have to sing a song that highlights the dangers of drinking," said Mr.Shue.

"Mr.Shue, I don't want to argue but basically every song about alcohol, highlights the fun of drinking," I told him. He just told us to find one.

All of the Glee Club stayed back except Rachel.

"Is everyone going to Berry's party?"

"Only if there's alcohol, because a Rachel Berry party is not something I'd like to go to," Santana replied. Everyone else pretty much answered a yes.

~Rachel Berry Party~

Mike, Tina, Artie and I arrived together. I was wearing a white top, black shorts, normal makeup, wavy hair and green boot heel things. On the way to the party I couldn't help but noticing that Artie and Mike were staring at me. I understand why Artie was staring, but Mike has a gf. The party was a total blow, we we were restricted to two little glasses of wine. Puck then breaks into the liquor cabinet, I crank up the music and then the party gets awesome.

Finn's POV

The party was a little wild, everyone was drunk apart from Kurt and I. I looked at my sister and she was drunk aswell. She was stripping, I have to say I am a little disappointed. Rachel came up to me and started hugging me and being all needy. Not cool.

"Everyone girl when they are drunk they fall into to a drunk type. For example, Quinn and Lauren the angry drunks. Santana the weepy-hysterical drunk. Tina and Mercedes the happy girl drunks. Brittany and Olivia the stripper drunks.You are being the needy girl drunk and its not cool," I said to her.She backed off a little then said..

"Is this clingy?" she said up.

"Who wants to play spin the bottle, spin the bottle!" she yelled, smiling at me.

I looked at my sister one more time.
I'm never going to a party with her again, if she's going to keep stripping.

Olivia's POV

It was my turn now to spin the bottle and it landed on Mike. I was drunk so we kissed for about 6 seconds then everyone pulled us away. Tina gave me a sort of glare. It was Rachel's turn and it landed on Blaine. They kissed quite passionately, but I though he was gay. He and Rachel are now about to sing a song.

"I thought Blaine was gay!" I whispered in Artie's ear, he just ignored me and we made out for the rest of the party. I was still had my shorts and shoes on but my shirt was off

Finn's POV

Okay, my sisters shirt is off and I have to bring her home. Awkward. Why did she have her top off? Oh,stripping,duh.

"Mmmm, Kurt can you dress Liv please?" I asked Kurt.

"Sure!"After that I set her in the car and drove home.

~The Next Day~
Olivia's POV

"omg, I hate hangovers!" I said coming downstairs. It was 4pm, Mom and Burt were out shopping. I had a bounding headache, I think I drank Rachel basement.

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