Count to Ten-The Ten Main Characters(in no specific order)

1.Sarah- She is 17 with long dark brown almost black hair which is naturally curly. Violet eyes with specks of sky blue in them. She is very active and smart but is a loner with no friends besides her best friend and her only family, her dog Shadow. She is very private and doesn't like letting people in. She has been hurt and thinks that if she doesn't let anyone in then she can't be hurt again and vis versa. She believes that love can never last. It has never worked out in her life whether it's to do with a boyfriend or family. She is the definition of a tom boy. She loves to skateboard. She would choose, hightops over heels and denim over dresses in a heart beat. She trusts one person and one person only in her life. Shadow. Her life quote is: 'It takes years to build a life but a second to end one.'

2.Daniel-He is the oldest out of the nine brothers and that makes him 22. Blond hair with green eyes are his most noticeable features. He is a graduate from Harvard university. His parents had him when they were sixteen. He enjoys pranks just like everyone of his brothers. He is probably the maturest one out of all of his brother but that isn't saying much. He is a kid at heart but he knows when things need to be done and when to act like a kid and when not to. He is the closest to Ashton out of all of his brothers and he is constantly fighting with him. Like all of his brothers he has no cooking or baking abilities besides making pop tarts or a microwave dinner. He, Ashton, Zach and The twins are the only ones that know what truly happened in Sarahs life. His life quote is: 'Childhood is short, maturity is forever.'

3.Ashton-He is the second oldest in the family but is probably the most childish. He can make any moment a light and fun one. If you were at a funeral he would be making everyone laugh whether it was with him or at him. He isn't the smartest when it comes to books but he is when it comes to the streets. He is a player just like his little brother but he has a bigger heart. He is in his second year of college making him 20. His brown hair matches his blue eyes which gets him a lot of girls other than his body. He constantly makes fun of his brothers. He is very faithful to his family. He would do anything for them. His life quote is: 'Some say the glass is half full, some say the glass is half empty. I say "Are you gonna drink that?'

4.Zach- The light brown haired bluey green eyed beauty is the most devious out of all the Scott boys. He is in his last year of high school making him 18 and is planning on going to an ivy league college. He doesn't like the world that much and hates dogs. He doesn't care who he hurts or what happens as long as he gets what he wants. His heart is always in the right place when it comes to his family but for everybody else his heart is clouded by hurt and frustration. He plays girls like they're going out of style and tosses them aside the minute he's done using them. His life quote is: 'Hate the game, not the player.'

5.Logan-Brown hair with green eyes and that white toothy smile makes all of the girls in his grade swoon. The lover of sports and anything that can be defined as exercise, Logan has tried it. He has the body that belongs on a magazine but he eats nothing but junk. He is in the eleventh grade, the same as Sarah which makes him 17. He is in the popular crowd along with every other boy in his family but just like everyone in his family (besides Zach) he is as sweet as a candy. He would never make fun of anybody and refuses to be with or hang out with anybody who is like that. He is silly and fun and is constantly kidding around with his brothers. His life quote is: 'Isn't it cool when the days that are supposed to feel good, actually do?' Jim Carrey.

6.Luke-Younger twin of Logan. He may look like Logan with the brown hair and green eyes but his personality is different in almost every way. He loves books but he does have a life outside them. He does enjoy the occasional sport but books, art and music are his main interests. He may love books but he isn't the smartest bookworm out there. He gets the grades and gets the girls but he is still oblivious to the world outside of Cloverdale. He is easily scared and doesn't handle stress well. His life quote is: 'I'm not a nerd, I'm just smarter than you.'

7.Tyler- Tyler takes after the eldest Scott, Daniel. With the blond hair and Green eyes that no girl can say no to he is a real ladies man. He enjoys dancing and always keeps his attitude light. He is very optimistic. He is probably the most sane Scott out of the nine. Being only a year younger than the twins he has developed a high reputation when it comes to sports. He loves football and is planning on going to a top college. He usually has a go with the flow attitude. He isn't a sore loser but he isn't happy about losing either. His life quote is: 'Atitudes are contagious. Are yours worth catching?' Dennis and Mary Mannering.

8.Matt-Just going into high school this fourteen year old is the jokester. He isn't as goofy as AShton but he does play his part. Brown hair with the peircing green eyes that look like they couldn't look better on anyone else, Matt is loved by everyone. He is usually the center of a joke or is made fun of by his brothers but he loves it. He is constantly ruffhousing with them and making weird cracks at the table. He has his weird gloomy teenager moments but most of the time it's nothing but laughs. Whether it's at him or with him. His life quote is: 'It was not a laugh but merely a loud smile.'

9.Ryan-Blond, blue eyes and as sweet as they come. He and his brother are the definition of adorable. With five years of age he and his brother are the youngest Scott boys in the family. He always has a smile on his face and absolutely loves anything furry. His role model is Zach who might not be the best but he sees nothing but the person he is inside. At times he can be more mature then Ashton. Him and Riley love swimming with their brothers but they always wish that their parents were there to be with them instead of out working. He is the nicest kid in the world but he is a Scott. Since these kids are to young to know what a quote is they don't have one.

10.Riley-Much like his twin he is blond with blue eyes. He spends every waking minute with him and he looks up to Ashton the most. Being the younger twin he likes to make fun of Ryan more then anybody else. Him and his brother have been exposed to more then most five year olds. His brothers do not hold back on things that should remain in their age group. At an early age him and Ryan have played pranks that are more advanced for most teenagers. Him and his brothers have grown up with out their parents around for most of their life. Almost every other milestone that they have hit their parents weren't there to witness it. He loves everyone and everyone loves him which makes him happy twenty four seven.

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