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Chapter seven

Marshall’s P.O.V. Continued…

            It’s a tradition now that Natalia gets up early with me. The sun was barely over the horizon as I packed my last minute bag. Natalia had the sheets covering her chest, as she sat up in bed watching me pack. The house had a calming quietness too it, normal for early in the morning.

            Natalia had a look on her face; she was in deep thought about something. “What you thinking?” I questioned.

“Nothing, just going to be hard, but we have survived before” she sighed. Hearing the sadness in her voice made it harder for me to pack and leave; I was forcing myself at this point.

            Having some time to spear I sat in bed with her. “You’re going to be ok” I said, stroking her cheek.

“I know”. She placed a small kiss on my palm and held her hand against mine, wanting my hand to stay on her cheek. She was making it harder to leave. For a moment though I rest my head on her shoulder, feeling fatigue taking over. She embraced me in her arms, cuddling me.

            I had to get out of this or I will cry and never will leave. “Baby, I’m going to see the kids” I said.

“OK” she whispered. I slowly crept to Hailie’s room and opened her door. The sun brightened the room making it hard for Hailie to sleep, which is probably why she has a pillow over her face.

            I slowly walked to her bed and softly removed the pillow from her face. I was startled when she violently forced the pillow back on her face. Her nails dugged into the pillow so I couldn’t have a chance to take it off her face, I knew she had to be awake.

“Hailie” when she didn’t respond left me worried, “Hailie”.

            Hearing the concern in my voice she took the pillow off her face to reveal a beat red, wet face. She was crying.

“Honey” I whispered. “It’s nothing, I’ll see you soon” she said, getting up from the bed and hugging me. She gripped her arms around me tighter, wanting to take her with me. Hoping it was nothing I patted her back and kissed her.

“I love you sweetheart”.

            After putting Hailie back to bed, I went into Whitney’s room and kissed her goodbye even if she was asleep. I made my way to Ronnie’s room; he popped his eyes open from the creaking of the door opening and shot up from bed. He rubbed his eyes and smiled at me. I smiled as I crossed over to the bed.

            “You got up to say goodbye?” I asked, Ronnie nodded, “You are the man of the house for a couple of weeks, take care of your sisters and mommy” I said. Ronnie embraced me in his arms; tears began to fall from my face.

“Have a good time dad” Ronnie said. “I love you”.

“I love you too, bud”.

            I put Ronnie back to sleep and closed his door quietly. Natalia was standing in the hallway with her clothes on. I wiped the tear from eye. Her face glowed from the sun shining; I embraced her in my arms, I instantly grasped her back. “I’ll call you when I land”, I whispered. I placed a few kisses on her neck hoping it will relax her.

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