After Teresa constant begging and refusing to drive any further with multiple cars honking at her, she finally convinced me to go. Now I was sitting on a love seat in the basement or, might as well call it the practice room, at Jett and Teresa's house. You could tell right away that Teresa and her brother were packed with money. Their house was bigger than ours with fancy appliances and furniture.

Ace was now officially the drummer. Drums were always his passion even if it meant to give up lead singer. He was a better drummer then singer if we're being completely honest. Which only means that his drumming is amazing because his singing definitely is. Teresa was standing to the side with an electric guitar and Jett was on his phone looking very pissed off. They've been waiting for the rest of the band to come but they were nowhere to be found.

Out of nowhere Jett threw his phone and told Teresa, "James and Jack quit the band saying something about finally being on the football team. Now we for sure don't have a bassist or a keyboard. Our gig is in two weeks we dont exactly need a keyboard but we definitely need a bassist. What are we going to do?"

"My sister could be on the bass." said my brother said with no hesitation

"No!" I yelled.

"Come on!" begged Teresa, "Just help us practice we will be looking for someone and you won't have to play."

"No! I don't play anymore, please just look for someone else." I begged at Teresa knowing how good she was at getting her way.

"But I heard you're really good, and if my brother said it then you must be!" Teresa insisted.

I was trapped and I was angry.  Angry with my brother.

"You!" I pointed at Ace accusingly. "Was this your plan all along?!" 

"How self-center could you be," said Jett not letting my brother answer. "Not everything is about you. For once get that stick out of your ass, we don't take every chance we get to make you play. The world doesn't revolve around you! All we need is someone to help us out but obviously, you're too selfish to help. "

I looked at him with wide-eyed. He's right, all they're asking is for some help but I always make everything about me. 

"Hey don't talk to my sister that way." Said Ace angrily standing real close to Jett.

"No, he's right." I put a hand on Ace's shoulder making him look at me. "I always think that you are trying to trick me or something." 

I walk over to the bass and pick it up from the stand and inhale deeply.


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