Chapter 22: Another Vision

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~Alyssa's POV~

Seth and I walked into the house and saw that the whole family, minus four members, were sitting in the living room. They were all doing different activities. Carlisle and Esme were reading old books. Rose and Alice were painting eachothers finger and toe nails on the floor. Edward were on the couch playing Texas Holdem. (poker) Bella and Renesmee were betting on which of their mates are going to win the poker match.

"Where are Emmett and Jasper?" I ask.

"And the twins?" Seth adds.

"Addie is with Emmett in his room." Rose said.

"And Jazz is with Chloe in his room." Alice says.

"Oh, I thought they would be with you and Rose." i said, looking at Alice.

"So did we." Rose mumbles.

"Well what happened?" Seth asked.

"Addie used her power to say that she wanted Emmett. She would throw a huge fit unless he had her. At first she just wanted Seth, but she changed her mind when she saw Emmett." Carlisle said, lookinbg up from his book that i now realized was a medical journal.

"I think she is more attatched to guys." Alice said.

"Wait, did you say that Addie used her...power?" Seth asked. "I didn't know that she had a power."

"Yeah, from what we can tell right now, she can control and munipulate water." Jacob said.

"Well, what about Chloe?" i asked.

"Chloe would't let go of Jasper.l We couldnt get her off him. Sometimes she would cry and say "Moma", but Jazz calmed her back down." Renesmee said.

"What do you mean you could'nt get her off? You guys are vampires and you couldnt get a baby off?" Seth asked.

"She is a vampire too." Carlisle argued.

"I'm going to get my babies." I say, running up stairs.

"I need to get more baby food and diapers." Seth said, walking outside.

I softly knocked on Jasper's door. He opened it a couple seconds later, holding a sleeping Chloe. He was sad to have to give her back. Using his own power, i could feel how attatched he was to her. Using Edward's power, i could hear his thoughts. He was thinking about how beautiful and cute she was. He was less protective of them than he was Alice, but i could feel that he was very protective of her. He handed her to me carefully and i cradled her in one arm and walked over to Emmetts room.

I stopped at Emmett's open door. He was sitting on his bed, leaning against the wall. Little Addie rested comfortably in his big, strong arms. When he saw me, he got up and walked over to me. He kissed Addie's cheek before setting her in my open arm. I walked downstairs and took a seat on the couch. Addie woke up and immeadiently started reaching for Edward, who was sitting on the couch next to me.

Edward held his hands out to her and i gave her to him. I guess she is more attatched to men. It was cute seeing Addie play with Edward. She was standing up on his lap, with his help to hold her stable, and playing with his hair. she was messing it up really bad and making it stick up in different directions. she kept trying to make it stick strait up, but it kept flopping back down. she reached her hand out and a glass of water on the kitchen table started shaking. the water slowly started coming out and floating through the air at us. This is crazy. things like this don't just happen. when the water snaked its way over to us, it floated into her hand. she took the water and splashed it into Edward's hair. He looked slightly annoyed, but the rest of us started laughing. Then Addie started doing his hair again. This time, she was able to make his hair stick strait up in random spots.

"Eddy Pwitty." she squealed, clapping her hands together.

"Yes, I'm sure I look very pretty." He said, turning her around and having her sit down on his lap.

"We need to discuss the twins." Carlisle said

"Well, Chloe is a vampire and Addie is a werewolf. Chloe's skin is rock hard, pale, and ice cold. Addie scratched her earlier and it didn't leave a single mark. She will only drink blood, she doesn't go to the bathroom, she has no heartbeat, and she has vampire speed and strength." Carlisle says. "But she isn't venemous and she can produce tears.

"Addie eats food, she goes to the bathroom, she has a heartbeat, she has the strength and healing ability of a werewolf,she has blood, and warm skin." Carlisle said. "When Chloe scratched her, the cut was deep, but healled within two seconds."

"Interesting." I say, processing it all. "Well, Emmett and Jasper have gotten very attatched to the twins. You should have felt their feelings! They were so loving and protective! Like fathers or something. Emmett even kissed Addie's cheek before i took her from him!"

"Really? Emmett of all people showed affection and feelings toward someone other than Barbie over here?" Jacob asked.

Rosalie growled at him, but got over it quickly. "That is so cute! Emmett kissed a baby! I thought he hated babies! At least, he did until Addie came along."

"I have to agree with Jacob. I'm pretty shocked that Emmett showed affection to a baby after all those years of saying how much he hated them." Carlisle said. "He isn't the most affectionate person."

"Yes he is." Rose purred.

Edward and I made disgusted faces at Rosalie. She was thinking about Emmett in bed. Like whole darn movies replaying from her memories.

"Rose!" i snap at her. "Gross!"

"Sorry, but I didn't ask you to be in my head." She spit back at me.

I gave Chloe to Bella who obviously wanted her. Then i walked over to Alice and sat down next to her. The moment our hands touched, we were snapped into a vision.

*Vision starts*


"This is for destroying most of the Volturi, including my dear brother. This is for Aro." Caius said, grinning evily. We start being attacked from every direction by newborns. Before any of us knew what was happening, one of the newborns sunk his teeth into Addie's soft neck. Her body slumped lifelessly to the ground a second later. Another group of about ten newborns grabs Chloe and takes her to Caius.


"No!" i scream.


A newborn jumps at me and Seth, in wolf form, rips it apart and throws it to the side. Three more come and one manages to bite him. Seth immeadiently falls to the ground and starts wrinthing in pain. Then he starts howling and crying. Within seconds, his body lays lifeless on the ground. Emmett and Jasper run at Caius and the others, but get ambushed by thirty more newborns. They manage to kill about ten of them before Emmett gets torn apart and then Jasper kills about three more before he gets shredded as well.


I leave my family fighting the newborns while I try to use Jane's power on Caius. He just laughs at me. That's when i notice a shield standing beside him. I cant use my powers on anybody. She is shielding them all. I take off running at Caius, but i get ambushed by like fifty newborns. i am pushed to the ground and onto my knees. I'm being held down while someone has ahold of my hair and makes me watch the rest of my family get decapitated. Alice tries to save me, but she gets pushed to the ground and has to watch as well. We try to get up, but we can't even move our fingers. That's how much force we have holding us down. Everyone is dead except Alice, Chloe, and I.That's when I'm forced to watch Chloe's head come of with a 'pop' and roll on the ground.


"NOOOO!" Alice and I scream. Hands lock around our heads.


"What a shame to waste such powerful people. Pity." Caius says. Then Alice and I get decapitated.


*Vision ends*

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