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Tony walked into first period the next day and saw Pietro. Tony nudged Thor and pointed. "Hey look it's that weird kid who almost fell off the ride and then ran away." He said chuckling

"Yes the man of speed." Thor said

Tony walks over to Pietro "Hey fast guy where's your hot sister?" Pietro glared at him.

The gym teacher blew his whistle. "All right class today we will be playing dodgeball." He said

He separated the class into teams. Tony and Thor were on a team together and Pietro was on the other team.

The game started it went on like normal until Thor and Tony tried to get Pietro out at the same time and Pietro used his speed to get out of the way. Then Pietro took a ball throwing it with his speed at Tony.  It hit him causing him to go crashing against the wall. Next he ran around grabbed all of the balls and started hitting Tony with them.

"I bet you didn't see that coming." Pietro smirked and then got Thor out normally.

Tony got back up and ran at Pietro but Pietro easily got out of the way and Tony smashed into another wall. Pietro laughed.

The gym teacher walked over to Tony and Pietro. "Maximoff, Stark you both have detention  after school for fighting and cheating." He said handing them detention slips.

"Try getting out of this one fast guy." Tony said smirking

"You have detention too you have to try to get out too smart guy." Pietro shot back.

Thor walked over to the teacher. "You can not give my friend detention." He said

"You can't tell me what to do child." The gym teacher said.

"I am a god you mortal." Thor said

Tony dragged Thor away. "Give it up before you end up in detention, too." Tony said angily.

"I guess your right man of iron." Thor muttered

The bell rang and they left for second period.

-After School-

Tony walked back with the others talking about gym class. "So then Pietro just starts hitting me with all these dodgeballs, and I couldn't even see him. I ended up flying back into the wall, so of course I want to get him back. I run at him and miss. Then the teacher comes and gives me detention. Me! I'm the one who was personally attacked by that psycho."

"He did get detention too though." Thor said

"Still." Tony said


Pietro was walking into the orphanage with Wanda talking about getting detention. "He was talking about you again and I couldn't let him do that, I had to do something. I only hit with dodgeballs like I was supposed to. So what if I used my speed. Tony had it coming. At least he got detention too. He didn't see that coming." Pietro sat down beside Wanda. One of the other orphans walked up to him.

"I heard you got detention speed freak." He smirked. "You know where not supposed to get in trouble at school. Makes all of us other normal orphans look bad. At least your freaky sister is usually quiet."

Pietro stood up and ran at the guy pushing him into a wall. "Don't talk about my sister like that."

"Your soooo scary. Not!" he said laughing. Pietro hit him hard in the side of the head. The guy swung at Pietro punching him in the eye. Then he walked away saying "See your nothing but a speed freak.  Have fun in detention with Tony tomorrow."

Pietro glared angrily in his direction extremely mad. "No one can talk about you that way, especially not around me."

I'm sorry. I was asleep...... Or I was a dream. There was a terrible noise. I was tangled..... in...... in strings. -Ultron
I'm back everyone! It's so nice to be back. I was dealing with some family issues, which forced me to become inactive for a little bit. You shouldn't be thanking me though. This chapter was written by Sarawashere101 She went and woke me up or created me (thanks Tony!) and now I'm back! This amazing chapter was written by Sarawashere101 and I am very thankful because I was loosing faith in writing. Unfortunately, I'm still going through stressful times and may be a little late on the updates but I'm sure that Sarawashere101 will continue to kept this book alive and keep all of you wonderful people who have stuck with me, happy! Thank you so much for being here.
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