Chapter 3: First Day

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Scarlets P.O.V.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP!" Yelled the manager waking everyone up, with a headache. 

"WE'RE UP!" Yelled Jayy.

"Okay.. Chill Out!" After the manager said that, we all glared at him.

I got up, and grabbed some clothes, heading toward the bathroom. When I got in I slowly relaxed, and all my worries about later today were gone. For now. It was a Curtain Shower, so when I got out, and dressed, ready to do my makeup. Sally got in.  

I got dressed in pair of skinnys where, there were different rips going all the way up to my thighs, and I put on my Black V-neck. I quickly blow dried my hair, then straightened it, perfectly. I had Arctic blue hair, for now. I put in A black bow in my hair, after teasing it. I did a thick line of eyeliner, and did the wings at the end of my eyes. I applied a thick amount of blue eyeshadow, and mascara. the mascara made my eyes lashes bold, thick, and longer.

Just when I was down, Sally was done, so I walked out to get something to eat. When I got to the kitchen, I saw Dahvie, and Jayy were already dressed, and ready. They looked over at me, and their jaws went down to the floor.

"What?" I gave them a questioning look. And then I realized I had no bra on, to cover the cleavage, that the V-neck left.

I quickly went to my room, and put on a bra. When I was done, Sally came in dressed. She was wearing a pink tank top, and had on a pair of blue, short shorts. She had no makeup on, and looked really pretty. Oh and, she had on pink tennis shoes. I was wearing Blue converse.

We walked in to the kitchen again, but together. 

"Hey guys!" Sally said.

"Hey!" They said in unison.

I just stood by Sally awkwardly. 

"Want anything to eat?" Sally asked me.

"Um.. I don't really eat... daily.." I said quietly, but just loud enough for them to hear.

"No wonder you're really skinny, but here you have to eat to keep energy." They said. 

"Um.. Okay.. Do you have any cereal?" I asked barely loud enough for them to hear.

"Yeah. Um we have, captin crunch, but that is about it." Jayy said looking me in the eyes. I nearly melted on the inside. He was so nice in person, and so hott!

"uh.. sure.. thanks..." I said as he grabbed the box, a bowl, a spoon, and milk. He made me the cereal, and stuck the chair out for me, and sat in his own eating his cereal.

I sat down, again awkwardly, and said "Thank you" With a smile, at jayy. 

"No problem" He said turning his head towards me, smiling. And again, I could just melt inside, and out! I quickly turned my head away, blushing, and started to eat.  

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