Unruly Servant (chapter 17)

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Chapter Seventeen

    My sword swept over my head in a graceful arc, before I bent it back down towards the ground. I ran it parallel to the right side of my body, curving myself so that I could accomplish the perfectly straight line towards the ground with the wooden sword’s blade. My eyebrows drew together in concentration as I swept it forward and around my body, following through with the motion with my body as well. I gritted my teeth and moved backwards, repeating the motion. To a mortal it would have looked perfect, but for me it was still far from it. The blade wasn’t level enough and shook slightly through the entire arc.

    As I refocused a main part of my mind onto getting the actions right, I thought about the others. Ciel had been hauled off by Dagger for training with his precession and accuracy in his dagger throwing shortly after we’d been discussing the reaper’s presences. And Sebastian.... I frowned and ceased my moving. Come to think of it I never saw Sebastian leave anywhere.

    I threw the practice sword into the dust, watching as it embedded itself four inches deep and quivered slightly at the force, before moving off to where I had last seen the black haired demon. If my memory served any help, I could have sworn I’d seen him following after the reaper who had been on his way out of the tent.

    As it was my only led, I quickly glanced around before slipping away without anyone’s notice. The breeze of fresh air over my heated skin gained a sigh of relief from out of my lips. I had forgotten how stuffy it was inside the tents, compared to the cold London winter air. I sucked in a cold air, enjoying the sharp pain it brought when the icy air whooshed into my lungs.

    Clearing my head, I opened up my senses to the area around me. If even so much as a mouse squeaked softly within a mile I would have be able to hear it. At first all I could hear was the sound coming from the tent behind me, but as soon as I stepped away and focused more on finding the particular voice I was searching for I found it. A low, heated conversation coming from just beyond the curve of the tent.

    I followed the voices to where the two men, if you would even consider a reaper and a demon as such, stood across from each other. Sebastian, like usual, wore his signature smirk perhaps teasing the reaper as he questioned him. The reaper looked stoic and unmoved by any of Sebastian inquires, though annoyance lurked just beyond the stern surface of the planes of his face.

    “I’ll say it clearly. In a few days, there will be an inspection of a large quantity of souls,” the reaper explained warningly. “This is a special case, so please refrain from getting in my way.”

    My eyes flew open wide, as I spied on them from the corner not quite ready to make my entrance yet. Large quantity?....Reapers considered gathering anywhere from ten to thirty souls in one area a small collection. But a large quantity? I couldn’t possibly imagine the amount that was on their death list, besides that it would be no minor incident. Which meant that there was something connected to this circus, something that also involved this massacre, because that is exactly what it was sure to be.

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