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"Of course I still love you but I don't think it's fair to me to be in a thing with you right now and it's certainly not fair to my boyfriend."

"Oh you have a boyfriend that's interesting."

"Yeah unfortunately he's too good for me."

"What do you mean?"


"Scott come back to the party, you too Kira." Stiles calls from the door.

"I need to go pick up something for Rob but thanks."

"We will talk later."


Scott squeezes her hand then goes back into the party.

Kira almost wanted to follow Scott into the party. That is until she remembered how he left her and the months she was in a depression. She didn't want to set herself up for that again but it seems impossible with how much she loves him. The moment on her car made her want to be with Scott, it reminded her of the first time they spent time together. He gave her that movie romance and for that she would always be thankful. Kira didn't even realize she was driving home until a text stopped her thoughts; she ignored it and went inside her house.

"Hello Kira." Theo creeps out of the shadow.

"I didn't call you. Why are you are here?"

"Is this not a two way thing?"

"No now get out." Kira pushes him out of the door.

"What the hell?" Theo screams from outside "You're a crazy whore and I'm done with this!"

"Good I don't give a fuck. You are an asshole and I hate you!" Kira bangs on the door.

Theo runs away.

Kira doesn't even care enough to placate his ego. She just wants to look out for herself and sleeping with Theo doesn't help her situation right now. There are too many men issues in her life so ending it with Theo is ok. Kira ushers herself up the stairs and starts running a bath. Sometimes she wonders why or how she gets in these situations. Why can't she be level headed like Malia? Now this may seem like a weird thought but Malia was the only one who never lied to Kira and Scott too but it was different. Kira has always had Malia to rely on especially when Scott left. Kira gets into the bathtub and five minutes there is a knock on her door but she chooses to ignore it. When the knocking does not stop Kira puts her robe on and goes downstairs to get the door.

"Hi. I know you don't want to see me but I didn't know where to go."

Kira sighs "Come in. I don't care what you did just leave me to peace for a minute."

Scott nods. "I'm sorry."

Kira goes back to her bathroom and gets back in her tub. Why is he here? Why did he have to come to her house? Malia and Stiles probably set her up. Kira finishes up her bath and throws on some shorts and a tank top.

Kira walks downstairs to see Scott holding a picture of Robert and her. "Put that down."

"It was on the ground. I thought you want it up."

"It's only up when he's here. I don't want fake relationship picture."

"Why is it fake?"

Kira flings herself across her couch "Because I've been unfaithful to him and sort of on a constant basis."

Scott sets the picture down on the counter "Does he love you?"

"Yeah but me being the bitch I am doesn't love him."

Scott sits near Kira on the couch "You're not a bitch."

Kira puts her legs across Scott "I know I just feel bad for lying to him. Malia tells me I should just break with him. And please don't ask me why I won't."

"I don't need to. I know why you don't and I know you're a good person even if you have small feet." Scott grabs her foot.

Kira lightly kicks him "Shut up! They are not that small and they are better than you're big feet."

"But I don't put my feet on people."

"Lies, you used to always force me to rub your nasty feet."

"That was you not me." Scott laughs.

"No it was you."

"Oh that's true. I forgot about that."

"Convenient. I think we should go do something tomorrow."

"Ok this won't kill me right?"

"We should go to the beach. No one is really there because everyone is gone for the summer."

Then there's a knock on the backdoor.

Kira slides the backdoor open a bit "I told you to leave me alone."

Theo pushes the door open more and starts to lift up Kira's shirt and tries to kiss her. "Stop!"

"You want me."

"I said stop!" Kira pushes him off her.

Scott comes running to the backdoor "Are you ok?" He grabs her hand.

"I'm ok."

"Oh so that's why you are acting like you don't want me?"

"Is Theo..."

"Yeah Scotty boy but I'm sure Kira has been honest with you."

"Theo I told you I didn't want this anymore."

"Right remember who will be there for you when he leaves you again."


"No problem." Theo leaves.

Kira slams the door shut "I hate him so much."

"Theo is the guy you have been cheating on your guy with?"

"Yeah he is."

"Maybe you should tell that the truth."

"I need to go upstairs for a bit. You can stay or leave whatever is convenient for you." Kira starts upstairs.

"I'll probably leave because I need somewhere to sleep." Scott tells Kira.

Kira holds back tearsbecause she knows he's tell her bullshit. She goes into her room to sleep andsits for thirty minutes. She's tired of thinking she just wants to sleep. Shegrabs three sleeping pills and takes them and drifts into a sleep. 


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