Devon’s P.o.v

I walked towards the car and opened the door to the passenger’s seat and from there opened the back seat where I threw the phone.

“Oh, so I guess you decided to take my advice and move towards your femine side, huh’, he taunted crossing his arms over his chest with a smirk on his face.

Obviously insulted I took a blow at him.

“Are you fucking mess up? Does this look like my phone? I’m not gay you know. I like GIRLS, you know the opposite sex”, I said making an emphasis on the word Girls.

He held his hands up in surrender.

“So, I’m guessing you’ve got a fresh one up there now”, he said with a chuckle.

“Actually, I do”, i replied walking towards the door.

Nick is a manipulating bad boy. He’s even worse than Angel. Since he’s never here, Angel’s never met him. He even missed the wedding for a date with some chick named Kelly which he probably stole from some other guy.

“Is that you Devon?”, she called out from upstairs.

Wait, how does she know my name? I’ve never even talked to her since we got here. I guess she found one of my test on the counter with my name on it, but the way she said it so calmly. Have I met her before?

I heard a whistle behind me.

"That must explain your attire", he said struggling to keep his laugh in.

I looked down at myself wearing only a towel, but it's not like I looked bad, for goodness sakes when I go to the beach all girls do is stare.

I ignored his comment and continued my way up.

He followed closely behind obviously wanting to see if she was "good enough" to steal.

"Here's your phone", I said handing it to her.

"Thank you" she replied shyly.

I stepped aside and sat beside her on the bed Revealing Nick.

"Who's he", she questioned with a scared expression.

I laughed alittle at her expression.

She probably thought he was next in line to rape her or something. Who knows maybe he will.

Nick took a step closer to her and held her hand out.

"I'm Nick", he kissed her hand. "Nice to meet you".

"Uh hi", she replied in a confused manner.

"Excuse me for a moment", she said taking her leave from the bed into the washroom to make a call.

Mya's P.o.v

I walked into bathroom with my phone. There was a rush of overwhelming  tears as it all poured out.

How could I. Then i remembered Nick's introduction to me. He seemed to much like Devon. They looked the same, they even have the same voices. I seriously have to get out of here before I get raped again.

Sadly I didn’t remember anything that happened between Devon and I. To think I don’t even remember my first time. It’s shameful. I’m only 16 and I’m probably gonna be popping out a baby in a few months. I don’t even know how to tell mom, cause god knows she won’t take this. She barely pays attention too Elijah and I with the whole pregnancy thing. If I end up with a baby. How’s it gonna look.

I looked at myself in the mirror and felt queasy as I looked down at the sink. Everything came out. Which made the tears come out even louder.

I cleared my throat as I began to dial Carson’s number. I really needed to get out of here.

Carson’s p.o.v

I'm very anxious right now. I can't take that I'm doing this to Mya. I saw my phone vibrate on the glass table. It was her "can't stop lovin' you" ringtone and a picture of her as her caller ID. It was intensely hard to ignore the call. I am seriously the worse friend ever.

Angel kept an eye on me, while the phone rang. Her stare sent daggers at me. I looked down towards the phone. It just kept ringing.

Elijah came up to me and sat down on my lap. He saw the phone vibrating and picked it up.

"Hey My, where are you? There's a big party going on here", he commented while placing his gaze at  Ray and Prod fighting for the last slice of pizza.

Oh no this is ruining everything.

I grabbed the phone from him and hung up.

"Why'd you do that?", he asked, turning his gaze from the phone to me.

"She's 'handing' something right now", I said putting air quotes around the word "handling".

"Ewww!", he replied, scrunching up his face.

I gave him a warm bear hug.

"That's why I love you".

He hugged me back.

That was close.

I could see a sigh of relief come out of Angel's mouth. Looks like she saw everything.

Mya's p.o.v

That was my last resort. Why'd Elijah hang up on me? Why does Elijah even have Carson's phone. Did he say something about a party at home? Oh, fuck mom's gonna kill me.

I tried the number again, there was no answer. My hope of getting out of here was now hanging by a string.

I searched through my contacts and spotted a friendly name Roc's,

I quickly dialed his number, scared of soon being interrupted.

My mind wondered of elsewhere. What if he couldn’t help me? What would I do then? What would happen to me?

My voice was cracking from the tears.

Mya: Roc?

Roc: What’s wrong? Why’re you crying?

Mya: I got kidnapped.

Roc: By who?

Mya: I think his name was Devon or something.

Roc: Has he done anything to you?

Mya: …

Roc: Mya!

Mya: …

Roc: I’ll be right there.

Mya: Wait! Where does he live?

I looked out the bathroom window. There was a street sign in front of the house. Woodluck Cresant. I remembered the number on the door from when I came in with Devon.

Mya: 14 Woodluck Cresant.

Roc: Try not to cry too much, I’ll be right there. Hang on.

I put all my trust into his last 2 words “Hang on” I stayed in the bathroom. I wasn’t coming out until the called me. They would have to pry me out. I used up me last energy. I felt something come up again and ran to the sink. I threw up again. What’s wrong with me? I hope it’s not what I think.

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