Chapter 19

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Chapter 19


"Oh, you should really be more discreet", Torum said while he begins to pour something in my hair.

He's still a little uncomfortable about what happened this morning.

"Hah you might want to knock on the door instead of barging in, like that", I throw in the face of my stupid assistant.

It made him quiet and continue with my hair.

"But maybe wasen't really appropriate", Vallie said.

"We'll do what we want", I sputters to her. "But whatever we do, it's not your job to decide".

"Well do whatever you want, but if you want to survive the Games, mabye you should prioritize right", Camille hisses.

"Don't worry about that", I say to her.

She snorts and is quiet the rest of the afternoon.

I sit quiet and think of Clove. I had done it with some other girls, but never had it felt as right as it did yesturday. I let a small smile find it's way way on my lips.



We stand up on the stagande Esmeralda Garlick greets the audience welcome.

Then she starts the program with health Iza welcome forward.

Adam was right. Both Iza and Trevor is trying to sound pleasant, and they manages to bring the audience with them, even though they are arrogant. Then I have the audience wrapped around my little finger after my round.

I didn't even notice that it's Clove who are there until I hear Esmeralda.

"Yeah Clove", she says. "I think I speak for everyone when I say that you surprised us all, à little girl like you, how could you look so dangerous?"

"Well, everyone has something under the surface that don't appear until it really needs to", Clove said and laughs.

"Well said", Esmeralda said. "And you probably have a boyfriend back home, sitting and cheering for you, huh?"

I try to look as disinterested as I can, but this time I notice that it's more difficult.

The crowd is dead silent.

"Oh no", Clove answers. "No I haven't".

But she isn't as stable on her voice as she usually is. Esmeralda noticed.

"Oh yeah you do, that I notice", Esmeralda said slyly.

I see how Clove desperatly searching for a way out.

"Tell me", Esmeralda said. "Sure we all want her to tell us?" she asks the audience, who shouts their answers back.

"But I don't have a..." Clove starts but Esmeralda interrupts her.

"Now tell me, tell me", she presses Clove. "Come on".

I wish Clove wanted to look at me, so I could nod to her, that it's okey if she tells.

But the next thing that happens scares me to death.

Clove faints.

She falls down from the chair onto the floor. Everyone draws a breath and Esmeralda bends over her.

Without thinking, I run up to her. I throw myself on my knees beside her.

"Clove", I whisper desperatly.

A few terrible seconds later she opens her eyes.



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