Izeiah's pov

I was shocked.

How the bloody hell did he know my name?

He's infront of me, looking right through the mask and staring at me intently.

Half of my face is covered in a silver mask while the other half is not covered. And of course just in case, my whole face is layered in a heavy make up.

"You haven't answered my question." He stated. I got startled and looked away. A while ago, people got alarmed because my eyes turned red. They saw it changed into a demonic color because half of my face was exposed.

Lumapit siya saakin pero humakbang ako patalikod. Ngumisi siya at mabilis na hinawakan ang bewang ko at hinila ako palapit sakanya. He tried to reach for my mask but I avoided it just before he can even touch it.

"Stop it." I whispered.

And he did stopped.

"For the second time. Is your name Izeiah?"

I smiled at him and didn't answer. I used all my strength to make him let go of me.

We never talked to each other because whenever I'm present, he's away and vice versa. I never attended any meeting that they had arranged and that's one of the reasons why we never met. He never took of his mask and so did I and it will stay that way as long as possible.

"See you at Izeiah High" I said before exiting the place and headed to the room that is personally made for the Emperor and the Empress

It has two rooms one for me and for him. It looks like a condo to be honest but its located inside the Underground. There are some other rooms that are personally made for the people who also acquired a position here but it's not as grand as ours.

It has all the things that a house normally have: the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining area, an other stuff. I don't even know why they built a place like this when it's totally useless. None of the two of us stay here longer than 3 days. I admit that I've stayed here for 3 days because I got mad at Ate Hina.

The Next Morning

I was eating in our dining table with the maids and butlers standing at the sides like a statue, not a greek statue.

Butler Chan walked i.

"Magandang umaga, Lady Izeiah. Maganda ba ang iyong tulog?" sabi ni Butler Chan na parang may ipinaparating.

"Butler Chan, I told you I'm sorry." 

Simula nung umuwi ako kagabi nagpaparinig na silang dalawa ni Ate at si Butler Chan.

"Yung mga papel na kailangan para sa iyong pagpasok sa Izeiah High ay naipadala na po doon. Nandito po ang mga gamit na kakailanganin niyo sa kahon napo." Mabilis na sabi ni Butler Chan at umalis na.  

Binuksan ko na ang kahon at nakita agad ang isang pares na salamin. I looked at it for a minute before realizing why it's here.

"MWOLAGO?!!" I screamed that even the maids outside heard it. The door flew open and several maids were holding safety supplies when they appeared. 

"Miss, ano po ang problema?" panik na sabi ng isang katulong. Umiling nalang ako at pinatawag si Butler Chan.

 Umiling nalang ako at pinatawag si Butler Chan

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