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It had been many years since the werewolves had taken over, leaving us humans to become followers in a world we once lead. I was born into this hierarchy, but I did love reading about the times when humans didn't know about the creatures that now openly live among us. To me and my father who I had gotten my passion of reading from, it seemed like a much greater time. Now all of us humans were distributed into packs. For generations my family was part of the Crescent Moon pack, and like the other humans, we were at the bottom of the pack ranked with the lowest of the wolves. Dominated completely by wolves.

There was a government that established common rules, but every pack was slightly different depending on the leader, the Alpha. It was said that we had no king or president that lead us all as one, but indirectly we did. We are all under the command of one man, Alaricus Knight, or as most call him The Beast. No one would ever dare attempt to rebel against him, for he was much too powerful. Seldom seen, he kept to himself. I myself in my short 17 years had never seen him. Most humans had never seen him, but despite that he had ruined our lives, for there was a rule for all humans that he had set, that had the power to change our lives forever. Werewolves have mates, basically soul mates, that they fall in love with at first sight or scent really. It is said that a human can never deny a wolf of their mate despite their relationship status for a wolf is incomplete without their mate.

The Beast himself did not have a mate in all his years, it was rumoured he was near 400 years old. Yet he had ruined the lives of all the humans for something he had never even experienced. It was said he never would, for he was much to dark, to cruel to be given the gift of a mate and perhaps that was right. For who could ever love the beast?

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