Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


When I come up to our floor again, I hear a lot of happy talk.

However, I first go to my room and taking a hot shower and put on a pair of clothes; black jeans and a white shirt that is a little undone.

When I come in to the dining room, I see Clove sit and laugh. She is wearing a black dress that I think ends at her knees and she has her wavy hair down with a black flower as decoration that holds up the pile.

How I've had so lucky to get her, I don't really know.

She is in a much better mood now than she was yesturday and this morning. She shocked me when I saw her destroyed room, and when she slammed the door in our faces, I thought is was me who had made her in a bad mood. But when she accepted my caresses and smiled at me, I understood that it was District 4, and she had right to be angry.

"And just so you know, it actually looked like an earthquake", Adam laughs when I come and sit down at the table.

"Haha yeah, mabye I took it a little to far", Clove laughs.

She has such a wonderful laugh.

"Oh no, but what is it that makes you think that?" Tryffina asks with a very sarcastic voice.

"Well, first of all... you fainted", Clove throws in her face.

Tryffina seems to have lost the ability to speak.

I can't keep myself from the laughter that slips out of my throat. Tryffina gives me a killing look and I look down at my plate.

I feel how Cloves hand is looking for my hand. I gran it and hold it tight. She looks at me and smiles. She dosen't seem to care about that the others are right here. And that she proves clearly, when she kisses right in front of them. And I can't say I even bother to care either, so I kiss her back.

But we are kind enough to let it be a short kiss.

When I look at the others I notice that they don't seem surprised, especially not Tryffina, who came up to us when I had Clove up in my arms.

Adam looks like he wants to say something, and just when he opens his mouth I hear Clove.

"We are not going to let this ruin the Games so keep quiet, and don't pretend like you didn't know about this", she hisses.

"No I would just say that I think it's good that you don't try to hide it from us anymore", Adam said.

"Oh, oh well, okay then", Clove said.

"Yes but you did a great job anyway", Skylie said. "It took us time to understand it".

Oh well, whatever, it's not so bad if these three knows about it.



The next day we'll be for the interviews. I'm Adam first. He will find me a personality.

"This isn't going to be difficult Cato, you're arrogant but you also have feelings, you can love another person. You can be arrogant in a slightly nicer way, that makes the other seem heartless".

"Okay, I can do that", I said and then we were finished.

After that I was with Tryffina. That didn't take so long, apparently I sit perfect and straight, and my smile is very good.

But I don't meet Clove until the evening. And then she is annoyed.

"Walk straight, don't pull up the dress, don't fall with the heel shoes, back straight Clove", I hear her mutter.

"Tuff day?" I ask her after dinner.

"Mmm", she replies. "Tryffina gets on my nerves, complains about everything I do, oh that makeup crazy bitch".

"Clove!" I laugh.

"What?!" I shake my head and kisses her.

She clings on to me and refuses to let go, and I can't say that I want her to let go of me.

Since my room is closest, I bring us both there while we wending. When we get in to my room and closed the door, Clove begins to unbutton the buttons on my shirt.


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