A Night In Flora's Triangle

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She looked unsure of the idea. Even I looked unsure of the idea but what other option did we have? It was better than staying in the car all night, in the middle of this jungle. No matter how beautiful the place was it didn't give me a warm feeling like Bella did when she saw the beautiful meadow with Edward. This wasn't fiction and we had to do something and get help until we found a way out. Maybe there we people living in the house they could help us. Being optimistic was my strong trait and it usually landed me in trouble, but again we had no choice as of now.

We got out of the car and entered the house. The house was really ugly, it had broken windows and unhinged doors, the front door creaked when we opened it, making a really weird sound. Inside we saw something that stooped us dead in our tracks. A lot of things were happening at once. For starters the furniture being tattered and old, were floating in the house, the walls seemed to change colors or was I imagining it? And as if that wasn't enough to frighten us, there was a small figure, huddled in the corner talking in gibberish. The girl was curled up in a corner, her head bent low on her knees, and she was rocking herself back and forth murmuring something softly and silently.

I looked at Andy and we had a quick facial conversation before deciding to approach the girl.

"Ummm excuse me?" I said and she ignored me, like seriously, so I tried again.

"Do you stay here? Can you help us please? Our car is wrecked and we need help to get out of here"

She still didn't look up, we approached a little further and finally she looked up, she had a small round face with wild eyes. She shook her head as if to answer our request for help.

"I think we should leave" Andy suggested and I agreed, this place was seriously scaring me a lot now. We turned to leave but stopped when we saw that the furniture had stopped floating. There was an ominous silence in the room and the humming in my ears just increased.

"Do you hear it too?" I asked Andy. "You mean the weird humming? Yeah I think I am going to get crazy now" she replied rubbing her ears.

Suddenly the door of the house slammed shut, the air in the room stilled. We heard a scream behind us and turned to find that the girl was screaming looking at something on the ceiling. The thing we saw there chilled us to the bones. Hanging from the roof was a corpse with its teeth bared and it was snarling...at us.

We were smart people so we knew that it was our cue to run, but unfortunately we weren't that smart because I and Andy ran in two different directions. I ran all the way into the kitchen of the house which led to me to another door. Entering the other room I was horrified to find floating balls of fire in the air. I dodged the fires to find an escape but it looked like the room was a dead end . I turned back to see that the creepy corpse had followed me in the room, it was crawling on its hands and legs. I thought This is it, I am trapped and will die soon. I backed to the wall when the thing came close to me and started to scream. Oh please god , I thought, don't let me die!, I don't want to die by the hands of a creepy,angry corpse wearing a stinky rag!.

As i was praying, or more like yelling and begging to god,out of nowhere I found myself in an attic. What? I looked around in the attic; it was dirty and filled with dust. The walls were covered with weird words in a language which I couldn't read and they were written with blood. I was so scared of the whole situation that I didn't realize that the room of the attic had opened and Andy rushed in looking wild and horrified.

"Oh Thank God you're here and wait a second I think I just exited a library, how am I here in the attic?" she looked confused.

"I don't know Andy I just want to get out of here" I said catching my breath.

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